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Weekday breakfast downtown at 6 am

I work downtown and my day starts at 7 a.m. On Fridays, I would love to have breakfast out. Are there any little restos, diners etc where a solo female diner can have a hearty breakfast?

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    1. re: ellebelle

      not exactly the greatest, but Fran's is open 24hrs and they have a location at Yonge/college and one by the Eaton centre.
      There's also Golden griddle at Yonge/Carlton

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        The downtown core - so anywhere on University Ave or Yonge St between Union - Bloor towards the East and Spadina towards the west.

        (The "U" yellow loop subway line)

      2. How about the Sunset Grill right on the southwest corner of Richmond & Yonge?

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        1. re: farmgirl1836

          that Sunset Grill doesn't open til 7 am.

        2. Avenue Diner on Spadina and Camden (one small block south of Richmond)

          the exact definition of a greasy spoon divey diner

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          1. re: c_snapper

            Yes - aka Avenue Open Kitchen at Spadina and Camden opens at 6 am.

            Avenue Open Kitchen
            7 Camden St, Toronto, ON M5V1V2, CA

          2. The Senator is 24 hours, isn't it? Never been though but it looks cute from the outside.

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            1. re: canadianbeaver

              No, it's not a 24 hours. Opens for breakfast at 7:30 am.

              1. re: JamieK

                Too bad. Could have sworn I saw it said 24 hours. I got too excited, I guess.

            2. Not sure about your definition of downtown or how you get there but if you're in the 'hood, doesn't Mars Food on College open pretty early?

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              1. re: peppermint pate

                I get there by subway or the blue night bus.

                1. re: TOchowgal

                  7 West is 24 hours. I went for breakfast a long time ago. It was eggs and stuff.

              2. try Zuppa on Adelaide , one block east of Spadina. It is an old landmark and the owner Leo is very attentive.Great greasy spoon ambiance and value

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                1. re: itzi

                  second Zuppa, excellent greasy spoon...

                  1. re: dannyboy

                    Give the Coach House a try at Yonge and Wellsley...i know it opens early not sure if it's early enough for you but if it does it worth a try. it's been there for a long time.

                2. I would think that some of the Hotels, like the Delta Chelsea, the Hilton, Sheraton, etc, would serve a breakfast that early.

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                  1. re: OTFOODIE

                    Hotels are all unionized and breakfast usually starts at 6:30. The reason being that the collective bargaining agreements allow the staff to have cab fare paid by the hotel if their shift begins before 6am or ends after 1am.

                    1. re: robgm

                      Not to mention the price then attached to pay for that unionized staff. Last time I had a decent breakfast in a hotel it cost $20 pp.

                  2. There's a new place that just opened yesterday at Bay and Elm; it opens at 6 a.m. and stays open until midnight. It's where the Coffee Time used to be. The name is Eggsmart, they serve omelettes, waffles, muffins, pancakes, etc.

                    1. Just had breakfast there. Now I'm going to vent about the service:

                      There was one person in the line ahead of me and it took the confused staff 10 minutes to take my money. The order took a little longer. The most cheerful person there was the cook. Since this is a franchise I have no sympathy for them.
                      "Worst in Toronto" comes up in the related tags for this place and says it all.

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                      1. re: dr.joe

                        one of my pet peeves is keeping me waiting to pay... it certainly is one of the most important times for me in calculating my tip...word to the wise, never keep people waiting to buy or waiting to pay...if you want our money, be glad and do it quickly without screwing up...we work hard for it and want to give it gladly...so take it graciously AND quickly-before we change our minds

                      2. That's still a big area! I work Downtown and want to order Breaky quick for a takeaway! email me a bunch of locations and I would recommend what I can. FYI I bike to work from the westend and buy breaky a couple of time a week.