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May 28, 2009 11:22 AM

Where can I buy decent priced veal shank ala Osso buco veal?

Hi I got a question here, anyone know where can I find veal shank / Osso Buco veal at a not too expensive price? I tried to find them at place like Dominick and Boback but no luck. When I went to Whole Food the other day I found some but it is pretty damn expensive there at $15.99 per pound. Any chance that some of you know where to find them at a not highway robbery price?

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  1. I've gotten veal shanks, roasts, and other cuts from either Joe or Angelo Caputo's which are located throughout Chicagoland. They were cheaper than the ones at Whole Foods (which I only frequent if I really have to for a number of reasons) at the same quality.

    I can't tell you whether Angelo or Joe Caputo's is better (same family/different owners and stores), yet some people have also recommended EuroFresh which I believe is also a better bet than wholefoods.

    Good luck!