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Need a sat afternoon drink

I would really appreciate some suggestions for a simple meetup on saturday afternoon. North central area. I live south and would say Freddies or Polvos or shady grove down here. Something in vibe between Spider house and Hula Hut. Thanks.

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      1. Cover2 (or 3, whatever) on Anderson Lane. Easy acess, pretty neat place.

        1. Trudy's Texas Star? 30th and Guadalupe, or thereabouts.

            1. Crown & Anchor -- very casual or Vivo -- a bit more sophisticated

              1. Thank you chowhound community. These are great suggestions.

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                    or a little further North, the Draught House could be nice outdoors

                    1. re: TroyTempest

                      What about enjoying Bill's delicious pre-prohibition cocktails outside at Fino for happy hour 5-7?

                    2. re: amysuehere

                      That's would bring back too many memories of pints and Willie Burgers with my OLD GF

                      1. re: BeeBeeQ

                        Ah. Understood. How about Draughthouse?