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May 28, 2009 11:10 AM

Great grilling sausages

I was in the butcher shop "Meating on Queen" in Leslieville and got some of their housemade Ecuadorian sausages. Gotta say they were excellent. They were beef and pork with spicy chilies , coriander, onion, garlic and peppers. Haven't tried the other sausages they have (10 or so varieties) but would definitely reccommend these for anyone who likes spice/heat.
Anyone else have recommendations for beyond the usual italian, chorizo etc.. sausages?

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  1. Medium Rare in etobicoke specializes in having many kinds of sausages:

    i've tried the Hot Italian ones and the Honey Chipotle ones and they were both very good


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      I second the vote for Medium Rare. Frank produces the best grilling sausages I've tried in Toronto yet. Last night we did a taste taste of two of his sausages versus four of Cumbrae's, and while the Cumbrae's sausages were good, they were nowhere near as delicious as those from Medium Rare. We tried the French Toulouse and the La Parma, both of which were fantastic. The La Parma was my favourite, and is quite an unusual sausage, consisting of ground veal, spinach, and copious amounts of parmesan, resulting in a sausage that is dense, rich, unctuous, and bursting with flavour. The Toulouse was also great, with notes of thyme, cognac and what we thought could be chicken liver, all suspended in a coarsely ground pork sausage. I've tried his Dolce Vita before (sweet italian), and it was also delicious. His sausages are definitely great grilling sausages. For the taste test last night, I cooked them all in the oven, as it was raining outside, and I also had a large number of sausages to deal with that I wanted to prepare with some measure of uniformity. I'd previously cooked Frank's sausages on a grill, and that is definitely the better way!

      Highly recommended!!

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        yeah thanks for the tip on this place, i;'ve been back a couple times now, and everything has been really good (with the exception of their beef burgers!! they were awful, pre-seasoned with something very strong... it gives the meat a orange-red color like paprika)... but everything else has been very good. actually the 'dolce vita' were my next one to try, sounds great

        i do them on the grill and theyre excellent


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          Best thing I've had from Medium Rare has to be their aged rib chop - WOW!!

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            never seen that.

            we've bought their aged NY Striploins though and the rest of the family was very happy with them

            what else do you reccomend from there? i'm heading back this weekend for more meat... and then stopping at The Cheese Boutique in hopes of picking up some perfectly ripe brie Cheese... another thing we've just gotten into. The stuff at my supermarket smells like ammonia though (wtf)... I think I'm gonna make another post on this topic


    2. I've turned a few people onto "Meating" aka George's. The sausages there are definitely worth making a special trip for.

      1. I've grilled many of the different varieties of sausages from Segovia Meats on Augusta. While you say you're not looking for the usual chorizo, Segovia produces many South American regional variations, such as Mexican, Ecuadorean, and Guatemalan. The variations have different herb, spice and vegetabe additions, which I might argue takes them out of the class of 'usual chorizo'. Give them a try.

        1. Whole Foods has lots of different sausage types that are great for grilling. They do a feta and spinach one that is pretty yummy -- they have lots of pork, chicken and turkey types too.

          1. these all seem like great places for sausages but do any of them make a good cajun smoked andouille sausage. i have had the ones from cajun corner wich was ok and from the stall in st lawrence market which wasnt any good. these places seem to make sausages representative from all over the world except for north america..

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              Frank at Medium Rare makes a "Bourbon Street Andouille", but I haven't tried it...


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                thanks i will have to give them a try

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                Whole Foods does an andouille sausage we always pick up when my husband makes jambalaya. It's good.