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May 28, 2009 10:46 AM

Date place in midtown needed for Friday evening


I need another quick help. Looking for a date place (second) for this coming Friday evening.

We would like stay in midtown, trying to stay between North of 40th St, South of 60th St, and preferably not around Times Square or Hell's Kitchen. At least not in Hell's Kitchen 40th area.

Looking for a semi formal place, not stuffy, not too fancy as we want to be casual and relaxing. Easy to find rsvp and not too expensive as this is only a friendly second date sort of things.

Please no Sakagura or Yakitori Totto or Torrys or Soba Totto or Aburiya Kinnosuke and no Gyu Kaku. No Indians. Absolutely not a fan of loud, bar type restaurants, we prefer quieter but not dead place.

Please advice, thanks!

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  1. Could the Fig & Olive on 52nd between Fifth and Madison work? Can't tell about your cuisine preferences.

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    1. re: LBNJNY

      Any cuisine really, prefer Italian, American, Japanese is ok as long as not the restaurants I mentioned above.

      It's more the place and ambiance rather than the food, but the food has to be somewhat very good.

      1. re: foodoof

        What about the Cafe at Aquavit? Contemporary interior, v. good food, etc.