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May 28, 2009 10:15 AM

Tamales by the Dozen in Clear Lake Area

Does anyone know where you can buy tamales by the dozen in the Clear Lake League City area?

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  1. Alamo Tamales -

    They are located on Highway 3 and Clear Lake City Blvd. Next to one of the millions of Starbucks. New shopping strip just south of the Exxon, next to Sonic.

    I doubt they make them there. It is a satellite store from their factory, but they are always fresh (delivered every day?


    They have the basics and can special order the others.

    1. I think there was something about Oaxaca meat market in Dickinson in the Houston Press food section blog thing recently?
      There is a Dona Tere on gulf freeway around 610. Awesome tamales especially the pork. get a sauce in 12 oz to go with them.