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May 28, 2009 09:39 AM

egg-free brunch ideas

I'm coming up blank - well, not entirely, but I'd love some new inspiration beyond bagels - for egg-free, protein-based dishes for brunch. Anyone have any good ideas?

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  1. I love making tofu scramble. Cold poached salmon is also great.

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    1. re: milklady

      love tofu scrambles! use a black bean and corn salsa in with the tofu and use a little tumeric to give it the familiar yellow color, delicious!

    2. Are you talking about not serving any egg dishes (quiches, stratas, etc), or any dishes containing eggs, such as crepes?

      1. When my favorite brunch place has peel and eat shrimp it makes me so happy....that and a bloody mary!

        1. hmmm... suppose this depends on how american the brunch needs to be

          could do a french-ish brunch w/ baguettes, jam, cheeses
          also maybe different kinds of smoked fish and cured meats

          also, does the brunch need to be breakfasty foods? could you lean it a little further towards lunchy things? this would probably give you more options...

          1. critter101 and i are on the same page - i was thinking poached salmon or crepes...or even blintzes. low fat ricotta with berries is another option.