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May 28, 2009 09:16 AM

Lucali- what is the situation when they open?

A bunch of friends want to show up at 5:30 today, a half hour before they open. Will there be a line?. Do they just open the door at 6 and whoever is waiting gets the first seating on a first come basis? That was the way it worked at Una Pizza. Any thoughts? BTW, what is the best topping?

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  1. I doubt there will be a line (or a big one if at all). First come, first serve. As far as toppings go, I think plain is best because the structure of the pie doesn't hold up well to the weight of toppings, imo. Whatever you due, however, order a calzone - - I think it trump their pies!

    1. Yes, there's usually a line, and yes, they usually just seat the people who have been waiting the longest. Lines are longest on weekends, but there will probably be a few people waiting even on a Monday or Thursday. People start arriving around 5:30 or so. If you're a group of 2-4 people you should be fine. If you're a large party, call ahead or try showing up a bit earlier.

      I'm partial to the pepperoni / basil combo.

      1. right now, they're serving artichoke hearts. Though they're not fried, like Di Fara's, they're still wonderful (and expensive--$8). But well worth it.

        1. We arrived at 5:40 and there were only two couples ahead of us. A smiling waitress immediately put our names on the list and at 6, after a few minutes of relaxing on the bench to the sound of rain drops on the awning we were escorted to our table. Wow. Dom is the still the king but Mark Iacono is the heir apparent. I loved the way the different types of cheese melted together resulting in one tasty gooey mess. The sauce was not overly sweet and the crust was chewy with good flavor. I only have two criticisms and they are minor. One, the basil leaves are left on the pile in huge whole pieces, they should be cut or torn so that they can blend into the rest of the pie. Second, the outer edge, the cornice, is done in the style of Totonno's. It is fairly low and flat and my personal preference with great tasting crust like this is to go big and fluffy. Not as big as Una Pizza, more in the the style of DiFara. The place itself was so warm and cozy, employees could not have been more helpful or efficient and it was, all thing considered, near perfection. I can't wait to return.

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            It's been awhile since I've been there, but I've heard prices have gone up drastically. When they opened it was $18 a pie, then $19. Does anyone know what they are going for now?

            1. re: jdf

              $24 for a plain. Plus $3 - $4 each for most toppings.

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                and $8 for "special toppings", like the artichoke hearts. The first time we ordered them, we didn't know how expensive they were, and weren't told, which was a little distressing when we got the bill. BUT we didn't complain because we were so blown-away by the pie, and they didn't charge us the $5 corkage (seems they charge that on a whim, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.) Still, I'd think twice about an $8 topping again. Altho the artichokes were amazing (supposedly flown-in from Italy, hence the price.)