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May 28, 2009 09:08 AM

brunch/lunch near promenade

friends coming in from Jersey to walk around brooklyn heights and sit on the promenade. Seeking a good venue to eat and chat with some brooklyn charm. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Brunch options in the Heights are weak. Siggy's is great mediterranean but small and packed. Unfortunately, Noodle Pudding, Le Petit Marche, and Henry's End don't do brunch. Your best bet is Jack the Horse on Hicks and Cranberry. They do a terrific brunch, but it is Sunday ---

    Five Front in DUMBO is nice for brunch as well although the service is so so -- nice back patio. Ditto for Rice in Dumbo on Washington St. btw. Front and York. They have an eclectic menu with Asian and Latino influence. Not a big fan of their food except their brunch which is pretty tasty -- back patio as well. Other DUMBO options include Rebar and Superfine, the latter does a bluegrass brunch on Sundays which is fun, but loud!

    Another option would be to get excellent sandwiches/salads from Tazza on Clark St. btw. Henry and Hicks, then eat on a bench on the Promenade.

    There are two diners as well -- Clarks which is next to Tazza, and Christine's on Montague btw. Hicks and Columbia. Neither is great, but both are good enough.

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      Whoops -- yes, I meant Teresa's and NOT Christine's!

      Anyway, I also just saw that Le Petit Marche is now doing brunch on both Sat. and Sunday -- it's a lovely spot and very relaxing.

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        I second the Petit Marche recommendation.

        Another option is to get bagels ("Hot Bagels" on Montague between Henry and Hicks is your best best) and coffee and eat them on the benches on the Promenade.

    2. For Brookyn "charm" you need to walk a bit and head over to Sam's on Court for a pizza.

      Other places nearby to consider are Bocca Lupo on Henry, Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic. Queen on Court has prix-fixe lunch and early dinner.

      Christine's is nice in that you can sit out front on Montague St. The food is acceptable (Polish and diner fare).

      1. Do you both mean Teresa's? Not familiar with Christine's. Love that place but it's certainly not fancy at all. Good value, though.

        I second the recommendation for Sam's. Delicious brick oven pizza! It's a bit far from the promenade, though.

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          Teresa's it is. There is another East Village Polish place called Christine's. Teresa's original branch was in the East Village as well. I think that is why we got the two places got confused.