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May 28, 2009 09:00 AM

Xaviars @ Piermont or Blue Hill @ Stone Barns

I'm very lucky and have the option of dining at either restaurant this Saturday. I haven't eaten at Piermont in years(but have been to X20), which I liked. I ate at Blue Hill once but it didn't blow me away, but I think it deserves another chance. Anyone been to Xaviars lately, and what did you think? Opinions on which to choose?

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  1. They are two totally different experiences. I ate at Freelance recently and the food was great. I find Blue Hill hit or miss since I may not like what they have on the menu at the time. They have never really blown me away except during tomato season. Personally, I would opt for Piermont.

    1. Blue Hill serves conceptual food art. The time I ate there it wasn't on my dime, so I won't complain about the prices my (wealthy) host paid, but I didn't like the food. As to second chances for restaurants, I don't believe in them. Third chances are fine, when the first visit was a winner and the 2nd wasn't, but if the first visit was a downer (as Blue Hill was for me), that's the end of the story.

      1. I have eaten at both restaurants exactly once each. I was blown away by Xavier's and "impressed" with Blue Hill. I agree with rpk that Blue Hill is more conceptual. Both are event restaurants, and I would jump at the chance to dine at either one again. But Blue Hill didn't blow me away at the time. Everything was delicious but nothing was memorable. Although the approach to Xavier's is unprepossessing (they are on a public golf course, I believe), once inside I was impressed by the elegance and calm of the place. In fact, it reminded us a bit of Chantarelle with well-spaced tables and a relaxed sense of well-being. It was a great experience, but we haven't been back to either in a while. Good luck trying to decide! I'd have a tough time with that one, too!

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          Xavier's at Piermont is NOT on a golf course-public or private. You are thinking of a different location long closed.

          1. re: Jon1856

            OK, I stand corrected. When did it move?

            1. re: roxlet

              Never moved. Different location, different place, different restaurant. Operated by Chef Kelly.
              Location at Piermont been there for years-1987. IIRC you maybe thinking of Garrison.
              Xaviars at Piermont:

              1. re: roxlet

                I think you were thinking of Xavier's at Garrison. it was in the Highlands Country Club - big room with massive fire places. it was truly a memorable experience to dine there. I'm sorry he closed it. The Piermont location is very small - maybe ten tables, very elegantly appointed and another good special occasion place.

                1. re: wincountrygirl

                  Yes, that is exactly where we ate -- in Garrison. Beautiful room that we compared to Chantarelle's dining room -- well-spaced tables, gorgeous flowers. I had been confusing them all these years. Thanks for clearing that up!

          2. I did not even had to think @ this for one second. Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I would give Blue Hill another chance. Xaviars was totally mediocre. They put so much money into the place and not enough attention on the menu or the food. At least Blue Hill is all @ the food.

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            1. re: patunia

              patunia: Which Xaviars are you posting/thinking about? Piermont has been around since 1987 and your comment about "They put so much money into the place and not enough attention on the menu or the food" seems to be about X2O.

              While not there in awhile, I do agree with wincountygirl.
              Xaviars at Piermont:

              1. re: Jon1856

                It is the Xaviars in Piermont. We will probably wind up going to Blue Hill, that seems to be my wife's preference.

                I fall into the category of people who were underwhelmed with both the food and service of Stone Barns. I really want to like it and that's one of the reasons I want to give it a second chance. Many people I respect say they love it as much as any place in NYC. I know I would get the VIP treatment at Xaviars(friends with owner and staff), but I'm leaning toward Stone Barns for one more try

                1. re: stevel

                  stevel - I have been there 3 times and each time was a different experience. And although I liked it, I was never crazy about it. I do have friends that love to go there, but I am underwhelmed. Give it a chance and maybe you will like it better. My friends have convinced me to try it again, but I said only if we wait until August when there are tomatoes. The best thing I ever had there was a bloody mary made with tomato water from an heirloom tomato.

                  1. re: stevel

                    I was just at Blue Hill last week and it was great. Good service/food. The menu was creative but not too out there. there was only one thing i could have done without (the mini fried trout on a stick). i was the only one drinking and they had great wines by the glass which the somellier recommended. They had some good non-alcoholic alternatives for my wife.

                    1. re: LW1

                      Good to know. I plan on bringing my own wine.

                      1. re: stevel

                        We went to to blue Hill and it was great! This time everything was great from from food to service. My only complaint would be the pacing is too fast. To be upfront I like a leisurely dinner. I had to ask 3 times to slow it down. Once they did it was fantastic. Total time for dinner was 4 hours. Highly recommended!

                        1. re: stevel

                          Glad to hear it was so good! I heard they changed from a menu to a dinner where the chef cooks each day based on what is available and the diners no longer choose - is that correct?

                          1. re: wincountrygirl

                            Correct. They just ask if there is anything you don't like. It also seemed that not everyone was getting the same food. Different fish dishes, etc.

                            1. re: stevel

                              Thanks!! I will check it out during tomato season.

                              1. re: stevel

                                We went last night - tomato season. The one thing that disappointed me was they did not have the bloody mary because of the low tomato harvest. We did the 5 courses with the wine pairing. The best dishes were the amuses! First, fresh V-8 - amazaing, then a sesame crusted tiny zucchini - the best was this tiny heirloom tomato "burger" with goat cheese on the most amazing tasting bun. Next was a tasting of baby heirloom tomatoes. The best of the 5 courses was the tomato/watermelon gazpacho. Everything else was very good, but I must say, adding the wine pairing made the everning very very expensive. Oh, the bread was potato/onion and it was crispy on the outside and great!

                        2. re: LW1

                          I've been there twice,but not in a couple of years. I'm ready to give them another try (I thought the food wasn't "exciting" enough given the price). I just made a reservation for late july. Was a bit perturbed by Open Table which asked for a credit card, warned of a $50 cancellation fee, but didn't give details about *when* the cancellation fee applies. I mean, I'm fine with a no show fee, but if I cancel next week, still 7 weeks ahead...... Went to the Blue Hill site but didn't see any clarification (and their reservations page just goes to OpenTable....) Anyway made the reservation then on the confirmation page got the policy which is reasonable enough:

                          Message from the Restaurant: All reservations must be confirmed 48 hours before. Cancelations after that time or No Show will result in a $50 per person fee. Thank you for making a reservation at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. We look forward to seeing you soon.

                          Just wish it was more clear before you have to "push the button"

                      2. re: Jon1856

                        Sorry, I was refering to X2O. Thanks for calling me on it. I have heard wonderful things about Xaviers. My bad!

                        1. re: patunia

                          We all do something like that at some time, some place-No fear,No harm, No foul.

                    2. Blue. Hill. End of story.