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May 28, 2009 08:40 AM

Blue Dolphin Bar & Grille in Crofton

Just opened. Has anyone been?

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  1. actually went ther today for lunch (3rd time since opening). The food and service was excellent. We had the seared tuna and the crab cake platter. Best crab cake ever. For being opened only 2 weeks, I was impressed.

    1. These guys are affiliated with G & M and Timbuktu so they do a good job with the crab. I went on Steak night. They have several choices as to cuts of meats for $12.95. I had lamb chops - 4 loin chops (?) (T-bones) cooked excellently. It came with a large house salad. Very nice inside. This place is going to get a lot of my local dining dollars. I am going to try $8.95 Lobster night this Monday. This place will replace Four seasons and Gunnings crab fluff is replacing Edgewater Restaurants' crab cakes. Two new finds in one week.

      1. I went there tonight and had a great meal with friendly and efficient service. My friend had a Porterhouse steak (Wednesday night is Steak Night - a wide variety of cuts for $12.95) and I had the crabcake platter. Two sides with each gives you plenty as they don't skimp on portions here. Nice, upscale family dining with a menu that provides something for everyone. Don't miss out on the baklava - delish!