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May 28, 2009 08:26 AM

Copper River Salmon, $14.99 pp at Albertson's

In another post, I mentioned visiting the new East Valley location of The Ranch Market, Southern and Stapley, Mesa. While out on errands, with iced coolers already in the car, I remembered that Albertson's food ad listed Copper River Salmon at $14.99 pp. Who can resist this delicious, once-a-year treat?

It was as good as I remember and I'll be back for more in the coming week. With the stunningly high prices last year for Copper River Salmon, I thought this was a bargain.

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  1. the high prices are fetched for the copper king salmon. albertson's usually sells the less expensive coho or sockeye varieties. King and ivory king are the true test of copper river salmon.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Sherri. Season opened May 17 but not much seems to have made it down here last week. Saw some King at AJ's last week for $35/lb but while I'm typically willing ot pay the high prices for CR when I'm homesick this time of year, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that.

      Will have to swing by Albertson's tomorrow and get some to put on the grill.

      1. Thanks for posting this! I'm often hesitant to buy fish except at AJ's and Whole Foods (where it's awfully pricey for us), so I'm glad you pointed this out. (Not that $15 is exactly cheap, but it's still a lot less than "normal" wild salmon at those stores.) I stopped by Albertson's last night, and this salmon tasted great! We'll probably splurge again next week if they still have it.

        1. Long story short, I found myself with both some King from AJ's and some of the sockeye from Albertson's last night. Invited some friends over and put it all on the grill for dinner.

          Both were delicious. The nod definitely had to be given to the AJ's King - better flavor, texture, everything. (really beautiful filets even before grilling). But the sockeye from Albertson's was very delicious as well and for the $20/lb savings nothign to turn one's nose up at. At least here in Chandler, some of the pieces at Albertson's were a bit tired looking so do choose carefully when buying. I don't think our location turns much of this inventory so this factor may vary around town where demand may vary. Also, at AJ's they did a better job of trimming up my selections per my request so we did eat every gram we paid for on those pieces...but at $38/lb I expected them to trim it exactly as I asked! I still had to do a bit of trimming on the sockeye despite what I had requested but the dogs didn't complain about eating any of that so at least it wasn't wasted...!

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            Ziggylu, my local fishmonger in Kirkland is getting more Copper River King on Sunday at $38/lb. Went in on Friday wanting some Copper River King but all they had was sockeye. Bought the ivory salmon instead. Brushed it with olive oil and put it on the grill and then squished a fresh lime over all. Yum. I'm going back for the Copper River King tomorrow. The season is so short and the fish is so tasty. Glad you found it at AJ's!

          2. Basha's (7th St and Missouri) also has Copper River (wild) salmon on sale, at a better price than Albertsons. You need your Basha's courtesy card.