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May 28, 2009 08:19 AM

Chambers Minneapolis - half off deal going on right now

There is a half off deal going on for Chambers right now. $50 gift cards are $25 and there are about 25 gift certificates remaining as of 10:15am Central time.

Here is the link;

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  1. Nice find!

    They are also running a 3-course/$30 menu, with 2 choices per course. Easily one of the best dining deals in town.

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    1. re: BigE

      Have you tried the food there? How do you find it and what do you recommend?

      1. re: karykat

        Twice I've had dinner with friends, so I've had the chance to sample quite a few items there, including everything off the prix fixe menu they are currently offering.

        Some thought on those offerings:

        -Samosas are simple, but good. Not mind blowing, but a nice start to the meal.
        -Walleye is like a fancier version of the Friday night supper club classic. Very good, and the portion is huge.
        -Red duck curry is one of my favorite dishes in a long time. The duck is incredibly tender and the curry has a wonderful flavor. I'd recommend going for this alone.
        -Desserts are excellent as well.

        On top of that, they make some great cocktails. The red hot passion is heavenly.

        If you've never been, I'd highly recommend going while the $30 prix fixe is still in effect. Even without that, most of the appetizers are in the $8-12 range with entrees in the $15-20 range. Great value, given the quality they produce.

      2. re: BigE

        Thanks for the heads up! Its now down to 12 gift cards.....

        for karykat....its a nice spot for dinner & drinks. we've been twice for a meal, a handful of times just for drinks, and once just to hang out with friends.....I'd say its worth the money - one of the better meals we've had came from Chambers....but don't expect to get your socks blown off....good food/worth the price of admission.....

        1. re: nymoving2004

          I bit... Down to eleven.

          I went a couple of years ago, and found the menu overpriced and pretentious. They seem to have calmed down (price-wise and pretention-wise) so I'll use this as an opportunity to give the kitchen another look. It sure is a fun place to hang out.

      3. FYI, for those who still have the certificates, you will want to use them soon. As of July 20 (at the earliest), the restaurant will be changing hands, which may affect gift certificate acceptance.

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        1. re: kevin47

          Kevin47 is right.........the french dude with the long name is leaving and the change in ownership is going to the owner of D'Amico. With the big D'Amico closing, they were unsure of their food concept-but they'll have to think fast........7/20 is right around the corner.

          1. re: kevin47

            Kevin47 was correct. I checked with the general manager at Chambers and here is what I found out;

            "Chambers Kitchen will be open until July 20, 2009 and I would encourage you use your gift cards prior to then. Otherwise, we could apply the value of your gift cards to services from the Chambers Hotel. The restaurant will be managed by D’Amico after that point."

            I think it would be safe to assume that they will not honor Chamber's Kitchen gift cards after 07/20.