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May 28, 2009 08:14 AM

Coming Soon to Calgary: loungeburger?

As seen on the Macleod Trail side of the pedestrian level of OPUS's Stampede Station building at 1331 Macleod Trail SE (directly East of the Nuera development and in the same building as ATB): COMING SOON - loungeburger. NOW HIRING.
A quick Google search turned up nothing local and no franchise information for a chain.
Has anyone heard of this place?

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  1. Haven't heard anything of it. I'll assume this will be similar to Tommy Burger (which would be fine by me!)...

      1. re: John Manzo

        Spoke with the brother of one of the owners, and the name (LoungeBurger) says it all. It's quite a large operation (4 or 5K sqft), and is currently scheduled to open June 15.

      2. I received an e-mail response from one of the partners today and he said that the concept will be "a gourmet "build your own" burger restaurant/lounge" and will also have "appys, sliders, desserts and some select entrees".
        They currently plan on opening in mid-September.

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          Sounds promising. Anything like The Works in Ottawa? They have build your own burgers and milkshakes that are better then Peter's.

            1. re: alau2

              Got an email forward for a loungeburger pre-opening tasting event this saturday from 12-4. Charity event, burger and beer will be $5. Email said set to open mid Sept...

        2. After much anticipation, I made it down to loungeburger for their opening today. While not as good as the bison burger with creamed mushrooms and applewood cheddar on a pretzel bun that I had at their pre-opening tasting, today's sandwich was a product of my own creation and still one of the better I have tasted.
          The decor feels very much like any Milestone's or Moxie's around. The service left a bit to be desired but was still efficient and we cut them some slack for it being opening day. Price points are around $12 - $20 for a burger & fries straight off the menu - a bit more if you try to create your own.
          Highlights today's meal were the pretzel bun that I based my burger on, the creamed mushrooms on my cohort's burger, the curry ketchup and the yam fries. The Ahi Tuna burger left a lot to be desired (three slices of rare tuna on a slice of focaccia with sprouts and cucumber). They obtained their liquor license right as we were leaving.

          1. We tried it tonight, a few opening night glitches (eg. the pre-game crowd had cleaned them out of the AAA beef burger and onion rings). I wasn't sure what to expect, their online menu didn't have any prices. I'm always leery of places that don't post prices on their online menus (kind of like if you have to ask...) but their prices were really reasonable. The (out of stock) AAA beef burger, with bacon, cheddar and choice of side (fries, salad etc.) is $11, we had the butters beef (organic and hormone-free) for $12.50 including a caesar salad on the side. About 7-8oz, housemade patty, very nice. The Alberta sliders trio had about 2 oz each of beef, bison and elk in teeny buns that were brioche-like (ie golden and slightly chewy). The elk was a little dry, not my favourite, but the others were moist, pink and yummy, $11 and about the same amount of food as one burger. Overall the food was very good, and quite a good deal.

            Some beefs (pun intended): the beer was not so much a good deal. 16oz pints, $6.75 for domestic and $7.50 for import, a little on the pricey side (usually those prices are for 20oz pints). The game was on and the volume was very loud, which would be OK on the lounge side (with TV's everywhere, including little ones in the booths like Tommy Burger) but not so great on the restaurant side where there's only one TV and presumably people don't want to have to shout to hear eachother over the TV noise. Maybe it's only when the Flames are on.

            Beautiful space, huge granite bar with booths done up in dark brown and cream colours. It's a great addition to the neighbourhood, I'm sure they will do very well.

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            1. re: hsk

              We hit loungeburger last night and HSK's review was pretty bang-on.

              I had the Bison burger with creamed mushrooms and onion rings. Both were great, and my partner and I devoured the onion rings (which are dipped and/or marinated in honey prior to deep frying). Best I've had in awhile.

              My partner had the kobe beef sliders with a side of fries. The sliders were great, but the fries were a bit on the soggy side.
              Service was good and when I was prying for the background on the onion rings the server was happy to go ask the kitchen when she didn't know the answers.

              The sound issue seems to have been addressed - the ambience was fine - no blaring TV's on the dining side and prices were decent for what you get.

              Lastly - it's kid friendly although it seems a little more upscale. They happily accommodated our 2 year old.

              All in all - great food, decent prices.