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May 28, 2009 07:58 AM

Puffy Pita NoHo? Fresh?

I have discovered I LOVE fresh puffy pita. often called "Imported from Chicago" in dining establishments that are greek, it doesn't make a pocket (no pita should, in my mind)

I want a whole lot of it without paying $2.00 a basket.

Where can I get some to take home, BESIDES Pappa Christos, which isn't in NoHo, anyhow.

The catch-Isreali or Kosher bakeries won't do, as the only time I can get it is after 4:30 Friday (continental is shut by then) or before sundown Saturday!


Help me find a bag of fresh puffy pita of my very own!

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  1. Hm. I buy fresh pita at Jon's market often - mornings are best because they're generally out by afternoon. It's less than .50/pkg (I think there are 6 in a pack).

    I don't know if they qualify as 'puffy', but I do know that the brand I buy has no pocket. They carry two brands there; one is great, the other is crap. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the name brands.

    OH, I found it! It's International Bread brand:

    That's the brand I like. Their wheat is really tasty, too.

    The other one they carry looks similar, but the markings on the package look more like the Target logo. That bread is terrible, no better than what you can get at the grocery and definitely has a pocket.

    1. I, too, love the puffy pita. The best I've had is at Great Greek in Sherman Oaks. You may want to call and ask who their "imported Chicago" supplier is. I have also seen the puffy pitas at the Studio City Farmers Market. Haven't tried them, but they're definitely puffy.