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May 28, 2009 07:41 AM

Dinner in Downtown Raleigh

Hi! My colleagues and I are traveling to downtown Raleigh for a conference. Do you have any recommendations on restaurants we should frequent? We may have a client with us for one or two dinners. For the rest of the meals we are looking for some place that is relaxing, good food and drinks. Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

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  1. Here is a link that may help you start to fine tune:

    There are a lot of good places. Are you limited to places within walking distance or will you be driving?

    There is a bus that loops around downtown and might be helpful in making decisions:

    1. Downtown has some great places to eat, but can be wall to wall at different times.

      The Borough is really laid back from opening until about 10:30pm when it usually fills up with the post dinner/pre-going out scene.

      Moonlight Pizza has some nice pies and a nice patio where you smell the jasmine and usually has a good crowd, not too full.

      Five Star is good until 10-ish when it turns into more of a club. There is a DJ and sometimes the music is not so great.

      Humble Pie has great desserts, but I haven't eaten their entrees.

      1. Nice spot suitable for a client. Ordered from least to most casual.
        Poole's Diner
        18 Seaboard
        J. Betski's
        The Pit

        I would take clients to any of the restaurants above depending on what kind of experience I wanted the client to have. I've been to each one (except 18 Seaboard) and like them all.

        For a fun, just co-workers type of experience, I'd try Raleigh Times Bar. Really solid menu, great beer/drink selection.

        Foundation is a cool bar downtown that has no food. Not too many months ago it was a crawlspace, now it's a bar.

        1. I also really like the Duck & Dumpling - Asian food on the nicer side.