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May 28, 2009 07:10 AM

Low key bbq in KC

Yeah,yeah, yeah, I know that this board is littered with places to get bbq in KC and all of you are passionate about this topic. But I'm interested in the low key , off-the-beaten-path local joints that some people can recommend. Not interested in the AB's, OK Joe's, Stack Jack's, or Gates type of places. Rather I like the "joints" where the food is good and the decor is not. The places that the true foodies know about. I'm visiting on business and promise that I won't embarrass, stick out, or disrespect the places that people suggest. Also if you’re willing to disclose these "diamonds in the rough", let me know what your favorite item is.

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  1. Brobeck's is a family owned joint @ 105th and Roe. Very good ribs and brisket. I highly recommend them.

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      I second the rec for Brobeck's.

      Also highly recomend the ribs and fresh fries at Bates City BBQ in Shawnee.

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        Funny, I work fairly close to this place. Essentially drive by it on the way to work everyday but hadn't been there. After seeing this thread, I went there for lunch today and was very impressed. I had researched a little and the owner was the previous owner of Stillwell Smokehouse. And there was the smoked ham salad on the menu. Awesome!

      2. I'm reading your question two ways: "Low key" as in virtually undiscovered, and "low key" as in well-known but not commercialized like a KC Masterpiece kind of thing.

        Going with the latter, LC's is obviously not a secret on this board and is mentioned in the mainstream media. That said, it's a dive on an unremarkable streetcorner in a dumpy looking part of town. Photo below.

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          I like your description and I'm looking for local places that are undiscovered. the type of places that chileheadmike wrote about.

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            LC's Burnt Ends are what you are asking about. It's really simple. Undiscovered is probably not a term I'd use, but not known to the masses would be accurate. The hounds here turned me on to LC's years ago. I've actually directed people I know in KC to them. That's what makes Chowhound an invaluable site. I wish I had this kind of participation in Des Moines.
            Oh, and the number of people that will disagree with me adds to the greatness of this site.
            Judge for yourself. I did.

        2. This place is not a dive, and the decor if I remember correctly is like something out of a ranch, but honestly, I love this place. I grew up on it.

          Haywards BBQ Pit (doesn't the "Pit" help make it more low key?). I know he used to serve out of a shack but it's been popular enough over the years the developed a restaurant. It's not a chain.

          I recommend the sausage, burnt ends, and onion rings.

          1. We have a little place that we LOVE. It is called Holy Smoke's. It is located in Lee's Summit. Not sure where you will be staying, but it is near 50 HWY and 3rd Street, in the same shopping center as Side Pockets. My favorite is the pulled pork sandwhich (the big one as I love the bun they use). My husband has a sandwhich that has three meats and is huge too. Now I am not saying AB's huge, but it is definatly enough to fill ya up. Get the side of Sweet Potato Fries. Husband likes the baked beans.

            Here in Lee's Summit there is also Summit Hickory Pit, I don't think it is a chain but it might be. Their food is really good too, but is not a dive. My husband loves to get Ribs there. We often go here when my husband wants bbq and I don't, because while I LOVE their beans, I also really like their Chicken Strips. Husband has not complained about anything he has had there.

            We also have The Filling Station, which is a tiny place located in an OLD filling station. It is in Downtown Lee's Summit across an intersection from Dairy Queen. We have not eaten here but hear the food is good. I don't go out for BBQ much because i think my husbands is great so i don't care for paying. LOL But we have heard the food is really good.

            We enjoy Haywards when we are on the OVP side of the city, but like our neighborhood. But again, not really undiscovered. I love the brisket and the FRENCH FRIES...OMG now I want some. LOL

            1. Sorry this is so long, but I forgot to add some websites...This is some reviews for The filling station.


              Holy Smokes---I TOTALLY say you should try.


              Summit Hickory Pit