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May 28, 2009 06:59 AM

How to clean a pizza stone

I have had my pizza stone for 20 years.. I clean it with a damp cloth after each but over time it has blackened and now those areas tend to smoke in the oven when I use it. Any suggestions on best ways to restore the stone? Thank you.

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  1. I've had pizza stones for about 15 years that I got from Pampered Chef and I've always used a small plastic scraper, that I also got from Pampered Chef, to scrape off any left over cheese or toppings after the stone cools and then I just wash it under water and scrape as much as I can off. Both stones are still in very good condition, but have some darker areas that have "aged". I don't have any problem with them smoking. Also, I kept the boxes that they came in and still store the stones in them. It keeps the stones from getting dusty when not in use.

      1. I don't bother cleaning my pizza stone because the dark color doesn't the flavors of bread that I bake on it. You can consider it to be naturally seasoned.

        1. Use a plastic dough scraper (or similar) to knock off the big chunks when it's cool and don't worry about the rest of the stuff. Stones, like cast iron cookware, need to be seasoned and remained seasoned throughout their life span - which can be a very long time.
          If you ever look inside a stone fired pizza oven you'll see things in there that will convince you that you don't need to make it "squeeky" clean.
          If it's generating smoke when you use it, try leaving it in a 500 degree oven for half an hour or so to burn off the offending accumulation of oil. You may want to open a few windows and doors and/or turn on the whole house fan while this is in progress. Then, in the future, put a piece of parchment paper between your pizza (or bread) and the stone when you load the stone with the raw material. Alternatively, reduce the amount of oil in your recipe.

          1. anyone know that maximum temperature these stones can endure. I would think burning the oven at 500+ deg would burn off most anything that would smoke. Running it through a short cleaning cycle would definitely go above 500*.

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              I've kept mine in the oven when I've had it on 550 for roasting a chicken, and the stone has survived.

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                Depends on what they're made of. A stone made of fibrament will survive 500 C (~900 F) or so. A stone made of corderite will survive 1300 C (~2400 F). A stone made of random ceramic or tile, who knows? The self clean cycle on most ovens is about 900F.