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May 28, 2009 06:55 AM

derby recs?

Am planning a short trip to the derbyshire/derby for a weekend.

would anyone know any good restaurants in derby city centre itself?

thanks for the help!

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  1. I thought you were going to ask about Epsom! :-)

    1. Ebi Sushi (59 Abbey Street), reputedly the best in the UK, caters for the salary-men of Toyota who work close-by.

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      1. re: PhilD

        thanks! kinda random for sushi but if it's good we might as well try it.

        1. re: PhilD

          I'll second the suggestion for Ebi Sushi - It's easy to miss from the street but when you walk in, you could easily think you were transported to Japan and weren't on a main road in Derby City Centre! The food itself was delicious - Sushi rice soft, creamy and perfectly seasoned and the fish itself was incredibly fresh. You absolutely must go!

          1. re: YSL

            Further to my above post, I have some photos from our meal at Ebi Sushi:


            Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the menu, but my sister did. You can view her set of photos from the night here:


            They had sold out of a few items we wanted (sea urchin) by the time we got there, but it was worth the hour's drive from Birmingham :)

            1. re: YSL

              Thanks for the further info, nice photos. Do you know if they have a decent sake list by any chance?

              Have you ever eaten at Mount Fuji restaurant in Birmingham and if so how is it? I check the online shop sometimes and only recently realised that they have a restaurant.


              1. re: oonth

                Hi Oonth, I'm afraid I didn't look at their sake list - Was driving so nothing more than green tea for me!

                I have indeed eaten at Mouth Fuji restaurant, it's better than your average place in terms of food - I especially like their curries and the bento boxes are always good value for money. However, their sushi isn't the best (in Birmingham), but that's OK because they're not really a sushi restaurant. That said, they're always busy every time I walk past so I guess they're doing OK :)

                1. re: YSL

                  Thanks to Phil D and YSL for the Ebi Sushi rec, I went there a couple of weeks ago when I was up north visiting the folks. I've long since given up trying to find the calibre of sushi bar and Japanese eatery that I am used to in NYC (and, it goes without saying, in Japan) but this is a very accomplished place and would not be out of place amongst the top ranked London sushi places and izakayas.

                  We had kake soba, yakitori, vegetable tempura, oshinko, nigiri (sardine and scallop) and sashimi (razor clam). I also had a glass of umeshu (plum wine). Everything was good to very good. Sushi chef seemed friendly, service was good, lots of Japanese families eating. Place had nice decor although the ventilation was non-existent and on a hot evening, it was sweltering, uncomfortable and didn't encourage lingering, we were in and out in under 1 hour.

                  Oh they were out of uni that evening which is shame as I was keen to try.

                  1. re: oonth

                    We'll be up in Derby a week from Friday and I had this place in the back of my mind. Unfortunately, I think DH will give it a pass. As you might remember, he lived in Japan for many years and rarely wants to eat Japanese food, but that's a long story. My son would love Ebi Sushi - maybe one day.

                    I guess we'll have to find another place for dinner in that area.

          2. re: PhilD

            Phil, you've intrigued me. As my previous posting history on this board and the NYC + Japan boards indicate, I'm a veritable sushi anorak but I've never heard of this place and was sceptical when I first read your post. So I did some digging and came across the following blog review:


            I know that photos can be embellished but the food in the photos looks great especially the uni (sea urchin) which I'm sure is the sweet, creamy variety from either California or Hokkaido which is so hard to find in the UK (London sushi bars often don't carry it or carry brinier, grainier uni from Europe or Canada).

            Next time I'm headed up to Sheffield to visit my folks, I'm going to break my journey and check this place out.

            Thanks for the heads up.

            1. re: oonth

              I have yet to try it, but I did recommend it to a desperate, very food savvy, colleague who was marooned in Derby for a long project. He reported that it was very very good. It will be interesting to read your thoughts when you get there.

              1. re: PhilD

                This place sounds good. I wonder if I could make reservations for this Saturday. Let's hope they still have the good stuff.

                1. re: felizglfr

                  They do take reservations, but they're closed on Sundays and Mondays (I believe). Don't book for too late though - We booked for 8.30pm which is probably why some items had already gone.

                  Let us know what you think, if you go.

                  1. re: YSL

                    I really enjoyed dinner at Ebi Sushi. I stunned my boyfriend who lived in Japan for two years who grew up in Derby until he was 7. He saw with this mouth agape at how authentic the place was to him (well, as authentic as it could be in Derby!).

                    We got there at 8 and as you said YSL, the items my boyfriend and I wanted (Hamachi Kama and Gyoza) was already gone. The waitress pointed out to the two large parties of Japanese businessmen as the reason why most of the good stuff was gone. For shame. Anyway, we order a chriashi each, salmon terriayki and yakatori. The fish was very fresh and I don't think I've ever eaten a chriashi bowl so quickly in my life!. The yakatori and salmon was well prepared and tasted really buttery/smooth(if I had a better adjective I'd use it!). I could have eaten a ton of those yakatori sticks. The green tea they gave us at the end of the meal was even lovely. I wish we had a lot more money and the waist line to order more but we enjoyed ourseleves highly. I was very jealous of the business men who were downing tons of saki and ordering very delicious looking food items from the specials menu (written in Japanese).

                    I do hope I can find a place like Ebi Sushi in London though. I still haven't tried Tomo and perhaps that place might do the trick.

                    1. re: felizglfr

                      Thanks for the report back felizglfr - Am pleased that you and your boyfriend both enjoyed your meal there.

                      I'm already plotting a trip to Derby just so I can go to Ebi Sushi again!

          3. If you're planning to visit Buxton, I can recommend Simply Thai which is surprisingly good Thai food, I was a little shocked to find that quality in a small, sleepy Derbyshire town. Everything we tried was good, the beef salad was standout, so too their peanut sauce.

            My parents who live about 1 hour away in South Yorkshire employ a very likeable Thai chap in their business and this was his recommendation.


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            1. re: oonth

              "If you're planning to visit Buxton,....."

              However, unless desperate, avoid Good Food Guide listed "Columbine" which will provide you with a dinner no better than you can manage at home.

              1. re: oonth

                We don't get to Derby/Buxton very often, but we were there a few years before I moved to the UK. I remember eating in a very good Indian place somewhere there or near Matlock. Of course, what I thought of as 'good' in those days might not be the same today. These towns can be quite surprising when it comes to food. DH occasionally goes to Buxton for a music festival. I'll pass on the Thai recommendation... thanks!

              2. It's been five years, but we had a great dinner at the Rutland Arms in Bakewell. The price is extremely reasonable and the dishes were quite imaginative and delicious.

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                  I think it's probably fair to say that the Rutland isn't what it once was.

                  Dinner menu (3 courses for £27.95) looks OK - a main of duck breast, poached duck egg and asparagus would be my pick. I havnt actually eaten dinner there as we tend to be in the town during the day (for the farmers market). Lunch menu ( 3 courses @ £18.95) will feed you but there's nothing to set the world alight. Personally, I'd rather eat in the bar.

                2. Just off Friar Gate is Zest. Always quite quiet in the daytime at weekends, but apparently busy in the evenings. They do a brilliant set lunch and I've never had a bad meal there in all the years I've been going (its where we always go when I'm home to visit the parents).


                  We branched out a bit and went here last year. I had low expectations, having read an old review by A A Gill which complained about the awful provincialism of its cooking, but I was really impressed. Fairly classic / simple 'posh' food, but brilliantly cooked. Tuna, lamb, beef all cooked faultlessly. The service is a bit try too hard and 'fine dining'-ish but don't let that put you off!!

                  And for really really good (surprisingly, since its so far from the coast!) fish and chips, try George's in Belper. I think it may have won awards, but I'm not sure.