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May 28, 2009 06:48 AM

Chinatown spot for slightly adventurous teenagers?

Hey hounds,
I am taking a group of 10-12 students to Chinatown for lunch in a few weeks and am looking for a good spot.
They are pretty adventurous and very into food- hounds in training! I would like to hit up a place that is legit but also has eggrolls and such for the less-daring in the bunch. Does anywhere do dim sum during the week?

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  1. All the dim sum places serve during the week. I think the best currently is Winsor Dim Sum Cafe (on Tyler) but for your large group of teenagers, seeing the food roll by on carts might be a better experience. Try Chau Chow City (on Edinboro), Hei La Moon (on Beach east of Surface Artery) or China Pearl (on Tyler).

    1. Yeah, I think one of the big dim sum houses is your best bet for that size a group, and you can always order off a menu and get Americanized stuff if that's desirable. Dim sum is a gateway chow, many try it and become much more adventurous....

      The only other option I think is one of the seafood/Cantonese places like Peach Farm or Jumbo which can accomodate all tastes and a party of that size.