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May 28, 2009 06:47 AM

Gulfport, Fl (or nearby ?)

I am visiting an old college friend there and just wanted to know places to eat the are a MUST. I favor french, Asian,deli, excellent Italian or maybe something more??? joel

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  1. Pia's Trattoria. I have heard really good things about it, the only time I've eaten there was for Valentine's Day and it was a set menu but I have been wanting to go back for the regular menu. Supposed to be very good Italian and decent priced.

    1. My two favorite Gulfport restos are Backfin Blue and O'Maddy's. Must order the corn chowder at Backfin Blue (very rich, plan on splitting with a friend). And O'Maddy's is just a fun fun waterfront watering hole with very good food - I usually get a sandwich but they have entrees as well.


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        We just had lunch today at O'Maddy's. Had a great oyster po boy with remoulade sauce. I certainly second the recommendation.