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May 28, 2009 05:32 AM

West village and midtown delivery

We are celebrating my husband's 40th bday at 2 bar-type venues (Fat Cat in west village and Duet 35 karaoke at 35th and 5th) and want to order easy but yummy finger-type foods for a large group at each place. Any suggestions? We were thinking more bar/grill/appetizers delivered to Fat Cat and maybe sushi/dim sum type foods to karaoke. Also, if you know of great bakery/cupcake places near both, otherwise I may just bring from Two Little Red Hens. Thanks in advance!

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  1. If Fat Cat indeed allows delivery, you could do a hummus and baba ghannouj platter from Hummus Place; cheese nuggets, quesadillas and frites from Rare Bar & Grill; wings and/or a sampler platter from Barrow Street Alehouse; assorted cookies from Milk & Cookies. If you want to order from a one-stop shop, trying calling 1849 and seeing if they will let you have take-away. Their wings, nachos and snack platter are the best in the neighborhood.

    At Duet 35 you could get assorted dumplings from Mandoo Bar; kimbap, pancakes and noodle rolls from Woorijip. In my experience, raw sushi in a small karaoke room might not be the best idea.

    1. I think Grand Sichun will deliver.

      1. Szechuan Gourmet will probably deliver there if you want to do chinese (not dim sum, though)

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          Thank you everyone for your suggestions!