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May 28, 2009 05:04 AM

Abattoir, Atlanta

Anne and the folks at the Star Provisions empire have launched a new restaurant and it's a winner - Abattoir (yes, French for "butcher"). As you'd expect from them, the focus is fresh, local, Southern-slanted, and this time, "head to tail" (though the menu is diverse, including plenty of seafood and veggies in addition to the lamb livers and tongues and tripe and more). The room is gorgeously rustic, in an actual old meat packing area on the Westside. The wine list is eclectic and very well priced - we had a lovely Marsannay for around $35 and another lovely Oregon pinot noir for about $27. They had a Silver Oak cab for just $89 if you're into that kind of thing. The food managed to be simple (mostly) and flavorful and balanced. Standouts were some "dragons tongue beans" to start, and a squab with carolina gold rice and greens. And for dessert, the rice pudding with a creme brulee-style caramelization on top was outstanding. A lovely place for a meal that can be an adventure or a recollection of favorite things. A few blackberry pics at:

atlanta, ga, atlanta, ga

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  1. Actually, abattoir means "slaughterhouse" rather than "butcher"

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      Holy cow. I hate to be squeamish, but that name's really a turnoff.

    2. Another trip to Abattoir, another great meal. The fried chicken livers are exceptionally good, one of the best things I've eaten this year. And the wine list is packed with great wines at very good prices.

      1. In ATL over the weekend and made it a point to visit Abattoir. Glad we did (and glad we found it as it was dark and we weren't sure where the restaurant was located in the complex). Had the potted chicken liver / foie gras which was delicious then cleansed a little with the pickled shrimp which were delicious. Only negative was the bread served with the apps. It was heavily buttered/oiled and too greasy. The regular baguette was much better for both the liver and the shrimp.
        We then ordered from the offal menu which I recommend only if you're going to share. I ordered the sweetbreads and the portion size was too big for a person to put down because of the sweetbread's richness. To share, it was perfect. But even better was the pork belly and tripe stew. It was the single best dish we had in ATL. I'm wanting some right now in fact. Imagine crispy pork belly, meltingly (sp) soft tripe all in a broth that was both rich and light and vibrant with fresh cilantro. It was absurd!
        Had the maple bacon beignets for dessert, probably more for the kitsch than anything else. There were other desserts on the menu that were probably better, but just to say we had bacon for dessert was worth it.
        I'm jealous Atlanta has a spot like this and we here in MIA don't. So take advantage!

        1. Don't overlook the cocktail menu at Abattoir! They take their cocktails very serious. Their wine by the glass portion is nothing to balk at either, something ridiculous like 8 or 10oz. "What a bargain", as Mr. Robinson would say on SNL.

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            I really enjoyed the bourbon sangaree and my wife had them make her a Gin Gin Mule that was better than she recalled having at Pegu Club in NYC.

            We were blown away by the food. But I admit that the massive richness of the tartare, chicken liver pate, and lamb liver fritters combined caught up with us both later. Loved every bite but got a really upset tummy in the middle of the night. Don't think it had anything bad to do with the food, just too much richness.