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May 28, 2009 04:19 AM

Lunch past Raleigh to OBX

My husband and I are traveling with friends this weekend to Duck from Charlotte in a two car caravan. We need a good place for lunch past Raleigh on Rte 64 that is easy to find.

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  1. You might want to search "Rocky Mount" and see if you find anything interesting. One place that I've seen mentioned positively, but haven't been to, is Doug Saul's BBQ in Nashville, NC. Its right off Hwy. 64.

    Doug Sauls Bar B Que
    (252) 459-2310
    813 Western Ave, Nashville, NC 27856

    1. Carol's Home Cooking in Robersonville is a really good Southern/soul food place. It's on ALT-US64 near East Carolina Motor Speedway. Family Favorites, also in Robersonville, has really good fried chicken. They do burgers and such too, but the chicken is the standout. I much prefer Carol's, though.

      Garcia's Grill in Roper does really good authentic Mexican food, although I haven't been in a year or so. It's a really non-intimidating place to try that kind of food if you haven't before. One of the owners is a local woman who married into a Mexican family, and they usually have several native English speakers working in there. It's five minutes or so off 64.

      The address is:

      6201 Mackeys Rd, Roper, NC

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        Thanks for the heads up about Family Favorites. We almost always stop in Robersonville for gas on the way to my grandmother's, but never ate there. I made a point of checking it out last weekend, and the fried chicken was indeed very good, though the service was very slow. I hope they can keep up with Bojangles opening across the street. We will definitely make use of the call ahead pick up window in the future...

        1. re: mpjmph

          They do a really good breakfast too, if you're there in the morning. The sausage and cheese biscuit is my favorite.

          The service can be a bit pokey, although I wouldn't say that it's especially slow by the standards of the area. Martin County is sloooowville, USA.

          I have to say, though, at the time I replied to this post, I didn't know about Blackbeard's in Conetoe. That would be my top pick by far on this route now.

      2. We have stopped at the Hitchin Post in Williamston. It's just off 64 on US 17 N. Wonderful seafood (grilled shrimp), several home cooked sides as well. They have a smaller portion plate that is nice. Best place I have found along the way.