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May 27, 2009 11:15 PM


All i can say is WOW to the crispy potatoes ,, they are cooked on top of the pork, you get crispy pieces of pork and pork cracklins mixed in the potatoes ,,, it's absolutely amazing,,The pork there is excellent ,, and that's the menu ,,,pork and/or potatoes,,,, you get enough pork in the potatoes that you dont need the pork sandwich,, The aroma of the pork cooking, the crispy skin ,, yummmmmm,,,, Great place

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  1. I thought the potatoes were awesome. But I thought the pork was dry and bland. In sandwich form on a dry roll it was a chore to eat. No flavor and way too dry. If I ever went there again I'd just get the potatoes. But I probably won't go back because the main menu item was such a disappointment.

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      I agree as well, the sandwich would have been great if there was some kind of moisture too it...a light sauce, cheese, something! The pork is very good, don't get me wrong, but Id rather have it outside the sandwich with sides...the bread AND pork were just too dry together.

    2. I agree about the pork being dry with an overwhelming taste of fennel. So underwhelming. And why serve the platter with the bland beans and greens? should be served with potatoes. Such a let down.

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        pierogi, I didn't even taste any fennel. I love pork butt and make a good one myself. Pork can be pretty tasteless if not seasoned properly. The pork at Porchetta was completely tasteless and dry. There might have been a fleck here or there with some flavor to it. But, overall, it was super bland and dry and not even close to being up to the hype or worth $10 for a smallish sandwich.

        The potatoes were very tasty though. They weren't crispy, but they were tasty because of the grease soaking into them.

      2. I am also not a big fan. I found the flavor fine but the meat was too dry and the crackling was not crunchy or crispy. It's tough to chew on!

        Even when pork fat it didn't save the sandwich...

        1. The first time I had the crispy potatoes with burnt ends, I thought they were amazing; lots of pork cracklings and a great ratio of pork to potatoes. I went back last night and had them again and was deeply disappointed; the potatoes themselves were good but there was very little pork and it was very dried out, with no bits of crispy fat at all. I'll give it another chance, since the first experience was so strong, but I was very disappointed.

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            Well folks, the potatoes have been consistently great. The pork in the potatoes has lots and lots of flavor,,the cracklins in it are crunchy ,,, remember they arent fried, so its a little different. the fatty ones are great. If you get the sandwich , you should make sure they put some skin and juicier parts on it ,,otherwise it is bland and dry ,, the hot sauce they have helps alot.. But as some said, I personally would go just for the potatoes, they are absolutely delicious and lots of tasty crispy wonderful pork in it.

          2. Maybe this place has gone downhill in the past month, but I think Porchetta is great. I spent last summer in Italy in search of porchetta trucks, and the porchetta on the trucks in Italy, as delicious as it was, was actually much drier. It ain't pork belly... I think they use the loin at Porchetta, so it's not the fattiest cut. I usually salt my sandwich at Porchetta, but I have never found it tasteless, just good and porky with a little fennel pollen. And their Sullivan Street buns are wonderful too. Yes, they are expensive, which keeps me from going there too frequently, which may be a good thing...