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May 27, 2009 10:00 PM

Toes in the sand in W. Palm Beach?

Visiting West Palm Beach for the first time on wednesday June 3 (my birthday) and thursday June 4. Please guide me to any and all casual, fun beach bars overlooking the ocean. On the water, flip fops, Van Morrison playing and stiff, cheap drinks!!!

Can you help???

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  1.'re definitely not going to find that in West Palm. To be ocean front you'll have to go over to Palm Beach. Palm Beach = neither cheap nor casual. You'll either have to drive north or south. The place that fits your description best, IMO, is Square Grouper up in Jupiter. It's probably about 20 minutes depending on where in WPB you're coming from, but it fits all the perameters you're looking for. Very casual, tiki bar, If you go south, Delray might be the closest place to find what you're looking for, and it's probably the same distance as Square Grouper. The place is called Boston's on the Beach. Definitely not as cheap as Square Grouper, but very laid back, not directly on the beach b/c the road divides the beach and any buildings, but you can get the view if you sit outside. Of the two, Square Grouper fits your description much better as Boston's is as much a restaurant as it is bar. Check out their websites:

    There's also a few waterfront places that aren't oceanfront, but have good atmosphere. Not really "cheap" though, which is a very rare thing down here in general. Old Key Lime House (Lantana), Old Calypso (Delray Beach), Two Georges (Boynton Beach), or Banana Boat (Boynton).‎‎‎‎

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      Nacdcpl.Trust the Melly..The best is the Waterfront Tiki Seagrill at the Riviera marina.

      1. re: HotMelly

        Melly's right......and I think it's worth a stop at the Lake Worth beach to walk the pier, eat at Benny's, which is on the pier, and hang out at the tiki bar - right at the pier entrance - what a spectacular view! You can eat at the tiki bar if you wish - great drinks and great fun foods!

        1. re: rainroosty

          ash, melly, and roosty...thanks for the tips.

          ash--thanks for the detail...square grouper is definitely a finalist.

          melly--WTS is on a marina, not the ocean, correct?

          roosty--does Benny's have a full bar as well?? It's hard to tell from their website. The tiki bar you mentioned is part of Benny's right?

          1. re: Nakdcpl

            Nakdcpl...The tiki is at the marina, It is located on the Intracoastal Waterway. Peanut Island is within site (google it). It may not be ocean view, but it has 3 seperate areas with entertainment all of the time. Great place for people watching. If you do go, please try the Tuna Ponzu app. Let me know.

            1. re: HotMelly

              Quick update------Havana Hideout is amazing. My dad heard about them on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and called them from SoCal to hook up a surprise visit for my birthday. Chrissy(the super cool owner), Connie, and everybody were unbelievably cool and I cried!!! Food is great, atmosphere is unique and the people are the best. A great find.

              Benny's was weak but a great location and we're headed to Square Grouper and Waterfront Tiki today and maybe a stop along Clematis St.

              Will let you know how it goes.