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May 27, 2009 09:17 PM

The Return of Dickens?

Was in the the plaza where Full House (Richmond Hill) is and noticed that in the spot underneath it (where Queen's Grill Room was) there is a new place open called Dickens Now. Has anyone been? Also, does it have any ties to the old Dickens chain that used to be there?

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  1. Really? If so, this could be great, I miss Dickens, a lot!

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    1. re: aser

      Obviously a different company, but with of the same name makes a great bottled cidar.
      I'll never forget being with an old girlfriend and having my first Dicken's Cidar. I think I becam an addict that day.

      1. re: robb

        I'm a big Dicken's Cider fan too. I've loved Dicken's Cider for years. Mrs. Sippi loves it too.


    2. I went there last week. It doesn't seem to be the same owners, but someone else could verify. It was too early for afternoon tea, so we ordered from the lunch specials that ranged in price from $5.99 to $8.99 (or so). The Russian borscht was weak and diluted, and they had run out of buns, so they gave us mini-croissants - a poor substitute. At least one of the servers admitted with a smile that they had watered down the soup to accommodate an unanticipated number of customers.

      For the mains we ordered a pork chop with rice, spaghetti wth meat sauce, and panko-breaded fish with fries. The rice had been correctly stir-fried with egg, the meat sauce was as good as ever, and the fish was tasty and nicely fried. I wish they had offered a fruit salad instead of the fries.

      I'd go back to give the borscht a do-ever and maybe try a steak or two.

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      1. re: Wench Foraday

        This is another mainland Chinese style HK western. All the HK western restaurants in town are not the same anymore. My friend's "Filet of Sole" was Basa filet (at a fraction of the cost of sole). My baked pork chop rice showed up at the table before the soup, with glowing yellow rice(liquid egg, or food colouring?) The meat quality was better than most, though.
        The old Dickens apparently re-opened at Richlane Mall.

      2. I'm kinda late...but no it doesn't have any ties with the old one, i know because my dad was the owner :) but unfortunately it closed down :( and at beepbeep, it wasn't a mainland chinese style hk restaurant...XD and isnt it called new dickens cafe or it a remake?