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May 27, 2009 09:06 PM


Anyone know where someone can get really decadent cupcakes in the Baltimore area?

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  1. cakelove, next to safeway on boston st

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    1. re: dcopeland

      Is the Cakelove in Baltimore any better than the Cakelove stores in the DC-Metro area? (Dry, overworked batter, runny frosting, overpriced - at the stores I've been to. I'd prefer a Safeway cupcake.)

      1. re: Sean D

        We did a couple of tastings of Cakelove cupcakes quite some time ago and found them disappointing. On the second tasting, we noticed that the cupcakes weren't cooked through completely.

        Personally speaking, I found the cupcakes at Baltimore Cupcake on East Fort Avenue to be pretty enjoyable - though most cupcake places focus heavily on the frosting.

    2. I havent tasted them but going for decadent looking, The Fresh Market in PIkesville has so much pretty icing they look amongst the most decadent ive ever seen.

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        1. re: beauxgoris

          Actually, I've heard Duff Goldman say on his show that he "hates cupcakes". No surprise there. Just how much can you overcharge a person for a cupcake???

          1. re: Sean D

            Charm City Cupcakes is completely unrelated to Duff Goldmans Charm City Cakes. (Wow 2 postings on a copcakes thread and I dont even eat sweets)

            1. re: jes

              Oh...I thought Beauxgoris was joking! I didn't know there was an actual Charm City Cupcakes.

      1. Well, not really Baltimore, but if you're ever in Annapolis, Nostalgia Cupcakes on Main Street is FAB! Really creative concoctions.

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        1. re: GianniB

          Nostalgia was giving away mini cupcakes after a run I did this past weekend in Annapolis and they really were very good.

          Here in Baltimore Charm City Cupcakes cupcakes are also very good. Much better than Baltimore Cupcake Company or Cake Love.

        2. The original comment has been removed