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May 27, 2009 08:47 PM

Matt's in the Market (SEA)

Hello! I'm considering Matt's for an upcoming special occasion. We've never been there before and it's been highly recommended on this board. Ever since it reopened, however, it seems like there have been more negative reviews, not just on this board but I also read something about it being inconsistent in Seattle magazine. So... I'm wondering.... in your opinion has it gone downhill and is it still worth it to go there for a special occasion?

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  1. I believe the rennovation has improved Matt's in many ways. It's still a great Chowhound destination. However, I have never considered Matt's a "special occasion" restaurant. (It started out as an upscale diner and has raised the bar year after year.) For a special occasion I would recommend Harvest Vine or Il Terrazo Carmine.

    1. I think it's just a function of more people going.
      It's definitely not as exclusive and hard to get into any more (which is nice, I guess)
      But that just means more people with higher expectations going in and being disappointed.

      I still think it's a uniquely Seattle experience (with the lights of the Market at night coming through the windows and what not) that's still a place I want to take people.

      That said, yeah, maybe it's a little expensive for what it is and some of it is about reputation than actual output... but it's still a favorite for me.

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        Though not my choice for Special Occasions dinners (maybe Chez Shea, next door), we enjoy Lunch at Matt's. It's a relative bargain and gives you some good local color along with a place to rest your legs and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

        1. re: mrnelso

          I agree about Chez Shea. It's a lovely room and the food quality and service is usually top notch!

      2. I haven't had a bad meal there but I would agree, "special occasion" isn't what I think of when I think of Matt's. I love the ambiance but it's not "fancy."

        1. I used to go to the old Matt's in the Market all the time. Now I stay away from the new one. I don't like their new menu as much, miss the small restaurant feel, and hate waiting the now typical 45 minutes for a seat for 1 at the counter (on the weekend). I wish I could go back in time - I used to look forward to my weekend meal at Matt's.

          1. We ended up going to Matt's in the Market for lunch as all of you recommended & it was perfect for that. It still felt small to me, the service was very friendly, and the food was good. We made a reservation so we didn't have to wait at all and we got a table by the window, which allowed us to watch the goings on in the street below.
            We went to Lola for our special dinner out, which a lot of people on this board probably feel isn't the best for a night out, but for us it's just the kind of place we like...