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May 27, 2009 08:41 PM

vegetarian food in Florence, AL?

Anyone know of any good restaurants for vegetarians and vegans to eat in Florence, AL?

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  1. Woo, I feel for you! Looks like there aren't many options. Coffee shops like rivertown coffee and mcgraws, and cafes like jen's and sweet basil may have small salads or sandwiches that you could go for. Authentic mexican places may have nopalitos or poblano rellenos with queso. I'd check out la hacienda, El Mazatlan, and El Charritto. Hannelores German Restaurant might have fried Camembert and potato pancakes. Osaka restaurant might have some seaweed salads, veggie gyoza, veggie tempura, and veggie rolls. ricatoni's italian might have eggplant parm, caprese, etc. Don't really know florence but I hope this gets the gears turning.

    1. WOW. When you find out, let me know. I have family there and was surprised to see someone even ask about Florence! LOL

      1. I am a "Florentine" vegan and do not have many options for dining out, but the Rice Box featuring asian cuisine on Wood ave. in North Florence is the most vegan friendly I have found.They have Kung Pao tofu, and general Tso's Tofu, steamed white rice, steamed veggies with tofu(I get it fried), teryiaki and hibachi veggies with or without tofu,pad thai noodles(we tell them to leave out the egg), singapore noodles(i like extra spicy curry sauce!)and spring rolls.You can get avocado or veggie maki rolls served with miso soup and ginger salad.(Steer clear of the ma po tofu as it is made with pork.).Tell your server you are vegasn and most of them will know how to take care of you there.Everything here is always fresh and good also very reasonably priced. They have domestic and imported beers and wines as is a very casual and relaxing atmosphere with excellent and always fast service.They will also whip up any carryout in 15 or 20 min.s
        For Mexican La Hacienda,as well as Fiesta Mexicana have vegetarian menus for those who eat cheese, but we enjoy just ordering ala carte: refried beans (no queso!), guacamole,pico d gallo,maybe some rice, and grilled jalapenos, and order some tortillas and make our own tacos. They both have a good house salsa but if you like some extra hot (salsa picosa please!) they will proudly bring you their excellent personal "gringo killers" (our expression that usually makes them laugh and happy to accomodate).Fiesta has one in the same N.Florence plaza ( featuring fantastic lifesize hand painted childhood favorite cartoon characters in the family dining room in the front and a beautiful fully stocked cantina bar area in the back)the rice box and another on Florence blvd.
        La Hacienda is located on Cox Creek right off Florence Blvd.down from Kmart,. They have and amazing decor featuring handpainted traditional Mexican murals on the walls. I really think you have to be impressed with the wonderful atmosphere. They also have a fully stocked bar.
        I see the vegan population growing here.We animal advocates have leafleted UNA ,and other venues. Our local grocery stores now have more vegan foods available especially our very own Valley Health Foods, Publix, and even Walmart. Osa's garden on the Blvd.i must add if you don't mind what you pay.
        Our local Books a million has been keeping quite a few vegan cookbooks in stock for several years now and growing so i figure they must be selling them . Yay!
        . Local veggies look for a new vegetarian club monthly potluck supper at The Florence library hopefully soon.
        Meanwhile always request more vegan food everywhere you go.Thanks!
        For the animals..