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Currently good sushi restaurants. ?

Looking for a sushi restaurant that is still actually good. Downtown toronto. Any recs? Thanks!!

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  1. Based on all the discussions these past few days, the answer is 'NO!' for down town.
    Current consensus for 'good' sushi seems to be pointing at 'ZEN''s way! ( Scarborough ).

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      I think the 'NO' is for "top notch" sushi places. Take Sushi is still "good" and is downtown. (Yonge and Front).

    2. I quite liked Momijis at royal york and bloor

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        I second Momiji. I am definitely not a sushi connoisseur but I absolutely love this place. Although it is not downtown it is still accessible from the TTC.

      2. Let the great debate begin once again...

        Although there are those who feel that Hiro Sushi is overrated, I am going to have to politely disagree. Yes, the service is so-so at best, but that can be said for most sushi restaurants. Yes, the room needs to be painted and generally restored from its dingy state. But, if you're talking about the quality of the sushi, Hiro is still in my top 3 for Toronto. For places that are not downtown: Zen and Kaji are the way to go.

        1. Can anyone recommend any mid-town places?

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            Ichiriki on Bloor is actually not bad if you stick with the fresh fish on the chalkboard. Their cuts of fish are a little bigger than Zen or Kaji but some people like that style better and depending on your jaw size may feel better in your mouth.

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              There have been some pretty favourable postings about Mikado on Laird. I have yet to try their sushi.

              114 Laird Dr, Toronto, ON M4G3V3, CA

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                Yes, I second sloweater. Mikado is Japanese own and run. Quality is more than acceptable

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                My best midtown find is Fukui on Bayview (Leaside). Good fresh sushi, great prices, it's solid.

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                  I'd second Ichiriki or Mikado.

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                    for midtown i highly recommend i zu at yonge and davisville. http://www.izutoronto.com/index.html . they have a solid menu, fresh fish (have never been disappointed), friendly service and new reno's so the room is very pretty. midtown sushi restaurants we have tried: sushi supreme, echo sushi, sushi rock, sushi garden, sushi and tea, fukui, oisi oyster, takara... can't remember the names of the others...but i zu definitely comes up on top for food quality and tastiness.

                  2. It depends what you consider "good" sushi. Perhaps you can suggest some sushi restaurants you would consider good?

                    For some of us, good will mean Kaji or Zen. For others it could be Hiro and Take. For others still, somewhere even like Yuzu or Japango is good. For others, it's AYCE. It's pretty subjective, and therefore hard to determine.

                    I agree with Teep in suggesting Take as perfectly acceptable sushi downtown, or that Hiro serves an acceptable product as well. Keep in mind that these are both from more of a purist perspective -- if you prefer rolls with mangos and stuff in them or something, I'm not sure.

                    1. It seems that sushi and Hiro gets hotly debated on this board. For the record I've been going to Hiro for the past ten years.
                      Last night was packed, which is always a good sign. I sat at the bar and had the chef order. The first three plates from the kitchen used seasonal ingredients; an asparagus custard, a hot soup with fiddleheads, and a large piece of smoked salmon with wild leeks. Sushi followed. Everything was good, some things were great. Other people around me ordered omakase, and everyone got different items.
                      Everytime I go I'm reminded why I go back. Its more than the food. I like the scene. I love watching his knife skills. I know some of the regulars and I like talking with the people next to me. I like the way the chef interacts with his customers.
                      A far as the food, I've always like everything from the kitchen. I look forward to his classics; the salmon trio, his marinated tuna, those rolls with cucumber and shiso. The hamachi, last night, was superb.
                      I know people complain that if you're not a regular, you will get treated differently. But I was treated like this from the first day I went there. On my first visit, I sat at the bar and ordered the omakase menu. I was open to the experience. Maybe its like that scene in Tampopo, where the student is instructed to study the face of the customers to see if this is a customer the restaurant wants to maintain. If you go to Hiro, sit at a table and order california rolls, then maybe you'll be disappointed with the experience.

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                      1. re: dubchild

                        Hiro great sushi ?! Have you tried sushi in Japan ? I have been to Hiro many times too. They do not even use real fresh wasabi ! Sushi there is good, definitely not great, ok in Toronto. Once, the rice is quite hot, definitely higher than my body temperature. The other time I order the Anago sushi, it is way too dry, Hiro put the anago into the oven to heat it up, probably he put it there for too long. I do not consider any place which do not use real fresh wasabi great sushi. Maybe you do, not me.

                        1. re: skylineR33

                          It was very busy last night and the wasabi was pre-grated. I'm assuming it was fresh. Other nights he has grated the wasabi right in front of me. Its a little troubling when a post, and its not just this one, makes a comment about ingredients used, as if its a fact.

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                            I have never seen Hiro using real wasabi in my visits and I speak from my experience with Hiro with NO assumption made, which is more than 5 times. I have ordered a la carte at the bar in all my visits

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                              Hay skylineR33!
                              Interesting you mention wasabi! I just had dinner at Cafe Michi. Noticed wasabi texture different from the past. Mentioned that to Toshi San. He told me he had changed over to using the 'fresh stuff' for a few weeks now! No more powder or tube! Great news for us foodies!

                              1. re: Charles Yu

                                However the fresh stuff they are referring to at Cafe Michi is the same as the 1 to 4 real wasabi to horseradish mixture I can get from a Japanese store. I have tried it a couple of time at Cafe Michi.

                                1. re: skylineR33

                                  If he keeps on making money. Hopefully one day he'll use entirely the real thing! BTW, Toro was good tonight! And unlike Omi, I noticed they have lots of freshly packed uni!

                                  1. re: Charles Yu

                                    I like the Uni at Cafe Michi too. I once had a Uni don there, it is good !

                                  2. re: skylineR33

                                    it's also available at some korean grocers... much better than the powder but still no match to the real stuff.

                          2. re: dubchild

                            Did you get the feeling that you were being judged by the chef as to whether you were worthy of his best food?

                            1. re: dubchild

                              Suggesting that some of the people here were disappointed because they ordered california rolls is ridiculous. I've been disappointed at Hiro going with a regular, ordering omakase and not speaking a word of English the whole time. If Hiro doesn't want my business, he certainly didn't show it, but the food showed me that I don't really want to give him my business over other sushi restaurants in the city (though I have on many occasions, as it is a favourite of some of my friends). Or maybe I just know nothing about sushi whatsoever, Hiro sensed this, and served me an unimpressive meal.

                              I think his sushi is decent for Toronto, but it isn't really the whole package. It's definitely not superb or excellent, but... to each his or her own.

                              1. re: tjr

                                Perhaps Hiro is judging customers beyond their ability to speak Japanese, and/or their knowledge of sushi, rather concentrating mainly on their appreciation of his skills...that would explain why some get the real wasabi and others don't get a sniff...but I'm hyper-speculating (which is not unusual on this board)

                                1. re: T Long

                                  Wow, something happened at some point in this post. I'm not sure what. Anyway, I've never felt judged.
                                  For me, its about more than the food. I go back because I like the whole experience.
                                  Which wasabi is used, I'm sure, only Hiro knows.

                                  1. re: dubchild

                                    Actually I asked Hiro and he said he is using faked wasabi, no assumption ever made. And of course anyone who has try the real stuff (I mean good real fresh wasabi), not some cheap real or pre-grated wasabi knows the differences. FYI, real wasabi is rarely pre-grated unless people are using those chilled or pre-packaged one.

                                    1. re: skylineR33

                                      skyline, I know what you mean about the freshly grated wasabi making a difference. The one and only time I've had it fresh was at Kaiseki Sakura, where you grate it yourself. I was considering pocketing the whole wasabi root home with me. :)

                                      1. re: Royaljelly

                                        Yes, I think the use of wasabi is definitely a main factor to determine whether a sushi is good or bad as it affects the taste of the sushi directly when it is mixed in the mouth. Sushi with faked wasabi which gives a strong nasal burn is a no-no but well, I guess it is generally accepted in Toronto with the use of it. Toronto Japanese restaurants such as Hiro which claims to provide authentic high quality sushi may want to pay more attention to the use of wasabi when they decide to apply it on the piece of "expensive" fish, if they want their customer to enjoy the true taste of sushi, rather than letting the customer to have nasal burn every time. Otherwise, it is no better than a all-you-can-eat piece.

                                        I have tried the real wasabi at Kaiseki Sakura as well, whereas its wasabi is not top grade, it is really something that is hard to found in Japanese restaurants of Toronto. Actually there are many different grade of real wasabi when one goes into more details of it !

                                        1. re: skylineR33

                                          And just a quick note to dust off the wasabi issue, the last few times I've been to Sushi Marché for takeout, they've had fresh wasabi root. Where it's from, I don't know, can't be the ultra high-end stuff I guess, but it sure was delicious. My advice would be to take a look in the chef's fridge and if you see it, ask for it. I doubt they're giving it out to everyone.

                                          1. re: childofthestorm

                                            Yep Sushi Marche has it, but you must ask for it! I guess not enough people appreciate it to be worth the cost, I can't really blame them if most people will wonder "why isn't this strong enough?!"

                            2. it seems that Hiro is a hit and miss (more miss then hit). I will be going tonight for the first time and will let you know my thoughts (imho) about Hiro. We will be a group of 5 foodies (with friends who works at both Kaizan and Mikado in Montreal) who knows their sushi. Will be ordering the Omakase menu. Will keep you posted!