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May 27, 2009 07:50 PM

Making my own sushi - need equipment

I'm planning to make my own sushi, therefore need some equipment.

1. sushi rice making tub.
2. sushi grade fish

Question is where can you buy sushi making equipment like 1) and raw sushi fish
like 2) in the Scarborough, east-end area? Please provide the names of a coupld of good Japanese stores.

Thanks in advance!


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    Also, most asian (Chinese/Korean) markets will have the basics you need, such as rice vinegar, short grain rice, nori, rolling mat. Most importantly, you need a very very sharp knife, thin too.

    1. Pacific Mall, upstairs where the restaurants are, there is a store that sells Japanese dishes and such, they have the sushi tubs and other equipment. I would also not be surprised to find those things at Tap Phong if you go downtown.