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May 27, 2009 07:05 PM

Southern Mexican Cooking in Bucks Co.

A co-worker of mine is looking for other places in Bucks Co that serves Southern Mexican cooking. I am a Canadian, so I think nachoes are real Mexican cooking so we need help. He is from Mississippi and defines Southern Mexican cooking places as Mexican places that serve white cheese dip. He suggested Rey Azteca in Warminster is authentic. Anyone have other suggestions?

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  1. Not really sure what you mean by "southern Mexican" and white cheese dip... are you talking about queso fundido and the cuisine of southern Mexico? I have not been to Rey Azteca as I live in eastern Bucks, but I don't know of ANY Mexican restaurants worth going to over here. Stay away from the Blue Tortilla in New Hope. Generic food, high prices. When I get a craving I head right across the river to Trenton, where the best food can be found at Taqueria el Mariachi. It is regional/southern Mexican and Guatemalan fare. Fresh tacos (3 big ones for around $7) and platters of thinly pounded, grilled meats.

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      Thanks for tip. I think you have it right that he is looking for Souther Mexican cuisine. Agree with your review of Blue Tortilla. What do you think of Taco Loco?

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        Hi Peter, I do not really like Taco Loco. Their salsas are tasty and the prices not outrageous, but I don't find it very authentic. I am very picky about my Mexican food, having lived in Phoenix for a while and also having been to Mexico.

        What I WOULD recommend in the area as far as food goes, is Bujo's in Lambertville. But they are very expensive. However, their food is extremely authentic and close to what I've actually had in Mexico. There is also Tortuga's in Lambertville, which has undergone a recent change in ownership and is now getting rave reviews, but I have not been because they are not open for lunch during the week. I work up in L-ville so don't usually come to the area on the weekends, hehe.

        If you do want to try El Mariachi in Trenton, I should probably elaborate slightly. I do not think you will be disappointed with the food. Unfortunately it's a fluorescent lights kind of place and in a somewhat sketchy area. We have never had a problem though. And it is BYO.

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          Thanks Sadiefox, like I said I am Canadian and was in Mexico for about 8 hours (cruise ship stopover) so any reco's are appreciated. I was outside Bujo's during ShadFest in L'Ville this year and they had two kinds of water for sale outside their restaurant. I wrote a bit about it on my post about Shadfest. The picture of the water is at the every end of the post. Did you ever see these in Mexico?


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            Haha, yes, there are fruit waters popular in Mexico and C. America, but I have never heard horchata called "water"! Maybe she thought it would sell better on a hot day! The fruit water (agua fresca) is just fresh fruit pureed with water and maybe some sugar. And horchata is a delicious light milky rice drink with cinnamon and sometimes almond flavors. You can usually find it at more authentic restaurants, including the ones in Trenton.

            Another restaurant in Lambertville that is supposed to be good but unfortunately I have not tried because they are not open for lunch during the week (when do my dining in Lambertville) is "5 de mayo" on Main Street.

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              Thanks for the lesson SadieFox. Sounds like I should try them.