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May 27, 2009 06:52 PM

Great Lobster @ Day & Day Coffee

As lobsters are now quite cheap, i went to day & day coffee for some. Gf & I went over the weekend, and had a 4-5 lb lobster - done 3 ways and 'hollow' veggie.
1) 'Gold Sand' stir-fry lobster tail - which is using salt egg yolk to stir fry chopped pieces of the body / tail of the lobster.
2) Garlic steamed lobster claws
3) Lobster 'brains' fried rice

The lobster was really fresh and cooked just right. The sauce wasn't overpowering as well.

Actually, almost all the other tables there had lobster as well. It was around $7/lb + preparation fee around $8 for the stir fry, $6 for steaming, and $6 for the fried rice. Overall, 4-5lb lobster was too much for two people to eat -so expect take-out.

Did anyone else try lobster at restaurants lately?

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      1. re: digiteyes

        In Richmond Hill, one block north of leslie & hwy 7; northwest plaza (where 'rogers' is). It was great and definitely worth trying - i will post some pictures of the dishes later on.

      2. How big is this place exactly? I'm thinking of going with some family members who are visiting soon. Do they have big tables, or even the option of putting a couple of tables together?

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        1. re: Royaljelly

          This place isn't big at all, maybe 7 or 8 tables in total.
          However, they have two big round tables, that can probably sit 8-10 depending on how spacious you wish to sit. Don't expect this to be a fancy looking restaurant either, it is more of a 'fast and cheap' stiry fry place. If you are going with a group of people, i suggest making a reservation just in case.

          1. re: spoonandsoup

            So how much should I expect to spend for 3 people eating? A couple are big eaters so I should say 4 people eating.

            1. re: szw

              For me and gf, we basically had a 4-5 lb lobster and one plate of veggie totalling $68 before tips. We are not big eaters, but we had enough probably for another meal. I would say adding another dish would be fine for 4 people - around $80.

              Since this is not a fancy place, your guest should be okay with the 'plastic' table cloths and small floor space. As well, i think it is family owned and basically the waitress (just one) is in charge of everything up front. So you can expect service are not to attentive when things get busy. As this place is small, try to order the 'typical' item or things that are on promotion (like the lobster).

          2. re: Royaljelly

            I..wouldn't bring a table of guests to this place. On the one hand, they had an excellent price on their lobster (the maggi style is very good, the steamed claws are ok), but almost every other dish (grouper two ways, various chinese greens, oxtail pot, the 'ul zheen' especially, etc. etc.) ranged from terrible to mediocre. On top of that, it just felt like they had no idea whatsover on how to run a restaurant. It was comically inept. Dunno if I should elaborate but..maybe it was a bad night. Oh btw, if you ask for plates for your table, well, maybe half of you will get plates since...they don't have enough plates.