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May 27, 2009 05:31 PM

Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback

Does anyone know where to find these? I went on the Pepsi website and it says Pepsi Throwback isn't in a 50 mile radius of West La. That must be a mistake though...I hope. Any help would be great...

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  1. I got some in Target and saw it in Pavilions in Culver city. It seems to only come in the 12 packs of cans. Buy some soon since I think the test period ends june 15th

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    1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

      Thanks. Did you enjoy it? I'm eager to try it and realized my time is running out, hence the post.

      1. re: TDiggs

        I liked it a lot and bought 1 12 pack of each, brought some of it to work to share. People at work were impressed. I Normally do not keep soda in the house because it is to easy to drink it like water. it is worth trying and I do hope they keep it around after the trial period if not, I may have to hoard it in the next few weeks.

    2. I found out the hard way that the locator cannot be relied upon. Here on the East Coast, it took some hunting (try gas stations that sell soda, convenience stores, and End-cap displays in supermarkets, any big-box stores you've got out there.)

      20-oz bottles are sometimes found on end-cap displays (half MD, half Pepsi) the 12-can pack (Pepsi only) didn't show up here until three weeks after the bottles were selling.

      For the record, Mountain Dew's not been selling and word here on Chowhound is mostly negative on it's taste profile/reputation.

      Good luck in your hunt!

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      1. re: mcsheridan

        The Mountain Dew throwback formula is very different since they have now added a large hit of citrus in the current versions which is not there in throwback. If you used to Like Mountain Dew you will like Throwback. if you are a current drinker it might not have enough punch for you.

        1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

          I tried MD once, back in the mid-60s. Didn't like it as it was too wimpy, and never tried it again. If Throwback is like that it deserves to fail.

        2. re: mcsheridan

          Where did you read that MD Throwback isn't selling well?

          1. re: nakni

            Didn't read it anywhere....I've seen the evidence in my local markets. End-cap displays are getting wiped out of Pepsi Throwback while the Mountain Dew languishes there; Pepsi Throwback 12 can packs have followed while none of Mountain Dew are stocked.

            I have read comments on the boards here that the taste/rep issue is negative for MD.

        3. West Hollywood Target has throwback Mountain Dew...

          1. The website is bull. I got a bottle of the throwback Pepsi just yesterday at Famima! West LA (on Overland).

            The Throwback is indeed tastier.

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            1. re: J.L.

              Actually found Pepsi Throwback and Pepsi Natural at the Vons across the street from Bay Cities yesterday. Did not see MD Throwback there though.

            2. am pepsi throwback pepsi's version of mexican coke?

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                1. re: jaymor

                  I was wondering too, so I did a side-by-side taste test of a fresh Mexican Pepsi in the glass bottle with throwback, and guess what? They were virtually identical!! So much so that I ended up not finishing both, so I poured the rest of the Mexican into the resealable throwback bottle, and couldn't tell the difference... Let's hope Pepsi makes the throwback formulas permanent!

                  1. re: culinarycandy

                    I work with a lot of Hispanic people, and brought my 12-pack in to work. The first thing they said is how it tasted like Coke in Mexico. Half the people liked that, and the other half liked the Pepsi here.

                    1. re: TDiggs

                      That's b/c Mexican Coke is made with real sugar (as opposed to high fructose corn syrup), just like they are doing with the pepsi/MD throwbacks.