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May 27, 2009 05:12 PM

South 21 Drive in Charlotte

Hey folks,

I need your opinions on the South 21 Drive-in. I see they made George Motz's book on Hamburgers. Are they a really good? Also, how is the chicken? We're making an intinerary on hamburgers spots to stop and and would love to stop at a working drive-in that is still serving exceptional food. Thanks much!

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  1. The South 21 Drive In on South Blvd is closed - has been for over a year. The one on Independence is still open. They make a good burger - the Super Boy is tasty.

    Not sure I would go so far as "exceptional", but it is neat to do the old timey drive in thing, although the area it is located is a bit blighted...

    1. I've eaten at the S. 21 on Independence a few times over the years. The main draw for us was the novelty. The kids liked pulling up and ordering the food in the van. Nothing I've had there I would call execptional. I tried the fried chicken once - was very bland. The burgers would be average fast food fare, at best.
      Perhaps they made it in the book because an old time drive in looks good in a photo, or on a TV show. Sort of like when the BBQ King Drive in made it on the TV show, "Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives". The place is pretty photogenic compared to some of the hole-in-the-wall places that serve much better food, but the food is nothing special.

      Also, I would'nt say that the area the S. 21 is located in is "blighted". Certainly several places in the area have closed due to changing Independence Blvd. from a thoroughfare to more of an interstate, but I would feel perfectly safe going there with my family, or alone.

      Give it a try & see what you think.

      1. The burgers are good, but I'd say the onion rings are exceptional. Also the fried trout, available as a plate or on a sandwich known as the "Fish-O-Burger".

        1. I am 61 years old. Every Friday night of my teenage years and Saturdays of my adult life was spent with my friends at 21 South Drive In. Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to make the vinegar based cole slaw that was served at this restaurant for my entire life until they closed? It was INCREDIBLE!