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May 27, 2009 04:54 PM

Lidia Bastianich - Goose & mlinzi???????

I caught an episode of Lidia's Italy this week in which she made a roast goose with mlinzi. I'd love to give this a try, except for a few key things: I have no idea where to get a goose and "mlinzi" appear to be home-made ONLY (at least I couldn't find any reference to a store-bought option on Google). Having no real pasta-making skills or equipment, and no goose, I'm caught with a craving and few options as to how to satisfy it. Could you substitute a chicken or duck? Mlinzi are oven-baked pasta sheets that are broken up and then boiled like any pasta. Don't think lasagna sheets would work, but maybe close? Ideas?

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  1. Matzah! I just now saw that episode and ran to the computer to look up "mlinzi" since it is so close to a dish my Romanian mother and grandmother prepared during Passover, using matzah,! The broth from the fish and the vegetables (usually onions, carrots, potatoes, and celery) was scrumptious, and the dish even richer, since the broken up matzahs were not first cooked in water as Lidia showed. The broth, vegetables, and fish were poured over the matzah pieces in the serving bowl so they soaked up the broth and not plain cooking water. Everyone loved it! I now plan to try this with matzah and chicken, experimenting both with a roasted chicken and with an extra rich chicken soup and the soup vegetables and soup chicken. Keep in mind that if you opt for the richer version without preboiling in water, you'll need more broth/sauce. Enjoy!

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      Middle Eastern flat bread is also good with chicken. I love anything that can soak up the juices/gravy.

    2. You should be able to find pasta sheet at any pasta shop may be even a well stocked grocery store. Pasta is quite easy to make with out any special equipment.
      You can serve mlinzi with any roast.

      1. i had to google this one, because i have never seen it.

        i don't like goose, but i love duck. since you don't have a goose, i'd suggest using duck -- more depth of flavor than a chicken.

        i think oven baking dry lasagne noodles wouldn't get the slow-roast flavor of baking fresh pasta sheets. just using the dried lasagne noodles without baking won't give you the flavor, either.

        as a side note, i always find it interesting from a culinary and historical perspective whenever lidia brings in her own heritage. she is from istria, right, escaped with her mom from yugoslavia right after the war?

        1. If you want a goose I'm sure you could get one from a mail-order source. It'd be very expensive. Good, though.

          1. We have a goose once or twice a year, my husband loves them. They are available frozen raw and frozen cooked on - they are very expensive when you add in the shipping however (especially since you get maybe half the weight if that in actual meat). I spoke to the customer service rep who said that their geese are carried at Walmarts with freezer sections (I presume Sam's Clubs as well). Have ordered them through our supermarket too.