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May 27, 2009 04:49 PM

Just moved to Dean & 4th (23 years ago) and need delivery suggestions

I see all these "just moved to" queries on the NY boards, so I guess this is not an unreasonable request. Although we actually moved here in 1986, we are delivery neophytes. My half bother is arriving at La Guardia tomorrow afternoon with his wife and his 87 year old, not healthy, mother. They are going to come to our house on the way to pick up a relative at Newark airport several hours later . Our plan would be to go to Downtown Atlantic, or if mom is not up to it, get food delivered. But we have never had a delivery here. So any idea of places with any kind of decent food that do delivery to Dean & 4th dinnertime.

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  1. We often order from Taro Sushi, which is very good and close by. Not sure if sushi is what you're looking for. I bet most places on 5th up to around Carroll/Garfield would deliver or let you pick up an order. Welcome to the neighborhood :)

    1. And I always thought you lived in the Heights!

      At any rate, my suggestion is simple.... call Kurt at D'town Atlantic if you cant make it there for a sit down dinner and ask him to prepare the dinners and deliver. I'll bet he will. If not, walk over and pick it up. It's better than compromising on the quality by getting delivery from a not so good place.

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      1. re: Steve R

        In fact, turns out his mother was fine with going out, so we drove the few blocks to Downtown Atlantic and had a very nice and comfortable meal. Nice to know they deliver, though.

      2. Downtown Atlantic delivers

        1. Have you actually NEVER had delivery? I think I want your autograph!
          (I don't much care for delivery myself, but we still succumb a couple of times a month.)

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          1. re: Amy Mintzer

            I can relate to this. Apart from a stretch when we had delivery from Los Pollitos a few times, weve never had delivery either (same nabe)

            1. re: Amy Mintzer

              Correct. We have never had a delivery since we moved here in 1986 (and, see above, our record is still intact). Even our take out has been limited. It usually is home cooking or an eat-in restaurant for us (or, unfortunately, catered events)

              1. re: bobjbkln

                There has to be some kind of NYC award for this. I'm going to look into it.