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Recession deals for corkage fees

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  1. Focaccia Restaurant on Hayden Street is $5 corkage fee until June 30, and $25 prix fixe dinner - http://www.focacciarestaurant.com/Hom...

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      Il Sogno, a smallish Italian resto on Yonge Street south of Eglinton, charges no corkage whatever on Tues. and Thurs., though it's always prudent to check with any resto in advance for any corkage policy changes.

      The Miller Tavern, on Yonge Street south of York Mills Road, charges $1 corkage on Mon., though it has a pretty good wine list as well. Last time I was there, the waiter said that the special wine list - meaning the more expensive bottles listed on its own page - go for half price on Sundays. I found nothing on the Miller's website, however, that indicates this to be accurate, so once again it'd be wise to check first. A $50 bottle can be quite tempting at $25, especially when whoever selects wines for the Miller seems to know his stuff. Too bad about the rather average food, though.

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        Tabule, a pretty good middle eastern spot on Yonge St., has no corkage charge whatever on Mondays and Tuesdays, according to an ad in a freebie local newspaper dropped at my front door this week.

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        I walked by Focaccia today and noticed they'd extended the $5 corkage thing to July 31st.

      3. Fat Cat on Eglinton west of Avenue Road has no corkage fee Tue-Thur. I think it's $20 other days.

        - http://www.fatcat.ca/

        1. Universal Grill (on Dupont).
          Zero corkage on Sundays.

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            No corkage on Sundays at Cava too.

          2. DT Bistro (Harbord).
            Corkage always $10.

            1. Madeline and Lee have ended this promotion

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                The $1 corkage Mon-Wed has been exyended through August!

              2. Globe Bistro - zero corkage for August 2009 - including weekends

                1. I received an email from Globe Bistro today with the following info:

                  Pulling the Cork - No Corkage August
                  Back by popular demand, we will be waiving the corkage in our dining room for the entire month of August. (Yes, even on weekends.) Go deep into your cellars and come on over

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                    Good to know! I just booked Globe Bistro for this weekend!...I've been saving my 2005 Vineland Estates Cab/Merlot Reserve but I may just have to crack it then.

                  2. Paese has no corkage fees on the first bottle of wine Sunday through Friday. (On Saturday and additional bottles, corkage is $25/bottle.)


                    3827 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M3H, CA