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May 27, 2009 03:54 PM

Late-night dessert in Harvard Sq.? (And Border Cafe Question)

I'm meeting friends at the Border Cafe Friday night (their choice). As usual, my concerns run to cocktails and desserts. Their menu doesn't list desserts, so I'm assuming they have none, and I know after a few margaritas I'll be obsessed with finding something sweet. Burdick's closes at 10pm. Is there anything in the Square where a body can get dessert after 11:00?

Also, for a cocktail-head who will be toasting at Drink the previous night, are the margaritas at Border Cafe acceptable?

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  1. Umm...the margaritas are what you would expect to find at a place like Border Cafe. Which is great when what you're in the mood for is a place like Border Cafe. (As we expatriate Texans on the board always mention in our lackluster defenses of this place, sometimes you specifically want mediocre Tex-Mex.)

    But if Drink is your standard, then no, you will not find them acceptable.

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      i'm guessing the Rialto bar might serve desert quite late - don't know for sure but you could check their hours and menu on line.

      1. re: teezeetoo

        <Nomex suit on> There's always Finale, in Holyoke Center, open until midnight or so.<Nomex suit off>

        1. re: Uncle Yabai

          I would recommend either Cafe Pamplona or Berryline for a late-night dessert in Harvard Square.

          1. re: Uncle Yabai

            LOL at your post. Yah Finale sucks. Pretty, but flavorless pastries.

        2. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          Off topic, but question for you, Barmy or any other expat texans?
          Have you ever been to "On the Border" up in Woburn?
          I was curious how it fit on the New England Mediocre Tex-Mex scale.
          Since I live within walking distance of Border Cafe, it's unlikely I'll go out of my way to go to Woburn, but I saw an ad, and wondered...

          1. re: cpingenot

            I went once several years ago, and it's both slightly better and slightly more true to the Tex-Mex style than Border Cafe. But still decidedly mediocre in the same pleasant way. Only the fact that I'm never in Woburn at mealtime (or, like, ever) has kept me from a return trip.

        3. Algiers (on Brattle across from the end of Church) makes some nice desserts and is open until fairly late. (The hours seem to be a bit indeterminate but run until midnight at least sometimes.) I'm a fan of their dessert crepes.

          Their everything else is pretty good, too. I used to eat there a fair bit but their prices went up a chunk recently to the point where it feels like a bad value. (Not horrible, and I still go back, but I no longer seek it out.)

          I'll also second Pamplona, but their hours are even more random if generally later.

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          1. re: kf2vv

            Yes, their besbousa --- a semolina cafe infused with syrup --- is terrific, although I actually prefer the version at Wrapro (between Harvard and Porter Square) called nammoura. The Algiers version is very pure, but the Wrapro version has a tinge of rose water. Wrapro, regrettably, closes quite early. I believe Algiers is open until midnight and Pamplona until 1 AM, but I agree that sometimes their hours seem to fluctuate.

            Also, the Boston Tea Stop might not be a bad choice. I believe they close most nights at 11:30 now. In addition to good bubble tea (I particularly like the rose water slush and their peach bubble tea), they have the best mochi ice cream I've ever had --- apparently it's flown in from Hawai'i twice a week.

          2. i enjoy going to the bar at upstairs on the square or harvest and just getting dessert and a nite cap.

            1. Thanks, all. As so often happens, plans have taken a turn (for the better). We're going to Marliave instead. I'm assuming the cocktails are a step above those at the Border Cafe, but now know if I ever find myself at the Border to stick to beer. The next time I'm in a similar late-night dilemma in H. Sq., your suggestions will come in handy, especially Agiers, which I'd forgotten all about. I also discovered that Herrell's Ice Cream is open until 1:00 on Friday nights.