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May 27, 2009 03:48 PM

Botero @ Encore

Full review with pictures here

Botero is one of the five new restaurants located in Steve Wynn’s newest hotel and casino Encore. It’s located in the shopping esplanade that connects Wynn to Encore. The restaurant occupies a beautiful space overlooking the Encore pool deck offering indoor and outdoor seating. The décor has modern chic look to it with warm earthy colors and white accents throughout.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Caramelized apple, Calvados sauce

Great portion size for the money. Foie was cooked well but I found the apple to be too thick for the delicate texture of foie.

Crispy Frog Legs
Meyer lemon butter, fennel salad

Best overall dish of the night. The frog legs have a texture of meaty fish and were so juicy and flavorful especially with the citrus butter sauce. Fennel salad was a nice accompaniment.

Roasted Bone Marrow and Onion Jam

Marrow is always a favorite of mine. The flavor and texture melt like butter. I could have gone without the onion jam.

Pinwheel of wild salmon (two ways
)Asparagus risotto
English pea puree

Two ways too many. I had to send this dish back it was inedible. Not only was the salmon completely over cooked but the pea puree was so bitter that it killed my palate.

European Loup De Mer (Mediterranean Sea Bass)
Nicoise Vegetables

This is what they sent out in place of the salmon. One of the better fish dishes I’ve had in a long time. This was everything you want in a whole roasted fish, tender juicy meat, with a nice crisp skin and the perfect amount of acidity.

Japanese Kobe 7oz

I have a major issue with this before I get into the actual dish. I question why they do not list the grade or cut of the steak. They just say Japanese Kobe. Although it was better than your typical steak it tasted more like American Kobe with the Japanese price tag. The onion tart and salad seemed to be after thoughts. The tart was overly dry and had you grabbing the water glass instantly.

PB & J Brioche Donuts
Concord Grape Jelly

The light and buttery brioche was filled with Concord grape jelly and went perfectly with the warm crème anglaise and creamy peanut butter sauce that accompanied it. Just when you thought you were to full for dessert you find yourself liking the plate clean. These are a must get!

I think this will be our first and last visit to botero. Fortunately there are a lot more superior steak houses in Vegas such as my personal favorite Cut at the Palazzo.

Botero Steak
3131 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

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  1. Nice review, very nice pictures. Did you order this meal a la carte or was it a degustation? How was the service? How were the wine / drinks? Any thoughts on Switch as an alternative to Botero?

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    1. re: grimaldi

      We ordered a la carte because they don't offer a tasting. The service was average at best and I found them to be dressed a little to casual(black jeans and black t shirt) for the type of restaurant that it is. I didn't drink anything besides water when I was there. Wine and 95 degree weather just don't work for me. I haven't been to Switch so I can't say if it is a good alternative or not. Also I forgot to mention in my review that there were so many moths inside the restaurant hanging on the curtains and flying around. I found that to really take away from the experience. Also the 400 dollar tab was a little shocking considering there was no alcohol and slightly above average food. IMO there is a lot better out there for the money.

      1. re: SDGourmand

        Thanks for elaborating on your experience. I had this on my "to-do" list but the reviews from you and others seem somewhat middling, and I need to do better than that. Haven't been to Encore since it opened, so I'm eager to try a few new spots. I guess this won't be one of them.

        1. re: grimaldi

          I had a much different experience at Botero. I actually recommend it as highly as places like CUT, Stripsteak and Craft. Here's my review from Dec.

          I would have told you to skip Switch, but the chef from Country Club just moved over to there which makes it interesting to me again. My initial experience there was unmemorable from the food standpoint. I did enjoy the changing wall show for a few minutes though.

    2. The original comment has been removed