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New Jersey Chefs who bicycle, or bicycle-friendly NJ restaurants

Hi Chowhounders,

Anyone know of any NJ chefs who ride a bike or any NJ eateries catering to cyclists (i.e. offering pancake specials specifically for cycling groups; have bike racks and/or bicycle parking; encourage staff to ride; etc.)? I'm a freelance writer and NJ guidebook author -- I'd like to include the details in my next book update, and maybe pitch a story or two. Thanks!


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  1. I never thought of that. I see alot of groups cycling down here on the weekend, we have long paved 2 lane roads through the pine barrens here. I never thought that places to stop and eat as a group would be of interest. Heck, I am clueless enough to wonder why pancakes?

    It will be great to read the replies! I know I wil be learning alot!

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      My husband and his family are the cyclists, I cannot answer the questions above.

      In regards to Pancakes, they do use the term 'bonk' all the time.

      Particularly in cycling and running, hitting the wall or the bonk, describes a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen, which manifests itself by fatigue and loss of energy

      Carb loading, eating pancakes, etc, helps with stamina when racing and riding.

      I am simplifying, hope this helps.

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        See what I know? I thought carb Loading was only effective was it was "loaded" as in meal /night before, not during the event.

        I knew I would learn. And i used to be a 7-10 mile a day runner...Thank Gods I have pics of that now as proof!

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          LOL...."Bonk" means something -very- different to those of us who come from the UK. And usually pancakes are not involved at all...unless you really like it kinky.

          On topic, as a cyclist, riding along the D&R Canal Path through Griggstown, Rocky Hill, Princeton...there are a number of places groups of cyclists stop...most notably in Princeton, which is fairly bike friendly. Small World Coffee is often full of colorful lycra-clad riders on weekend mornings.

      2. I cycle a lot but would not think of stopping for pancakes (would not be able to get back on bike :))

        Most of the popular places out here in Millstone are simple deli's where someone might get a refill of water if they ran out. Some people, not many, stop for a sandwich.
        The two deli's out here in Millstone that attract cyclists are Roy's which is off Millstone road and Sweetman's lane and Clarksburg General Store on Stagecoach road (Rt 524).
        On the weekend its not unusal to see 20-25 cyclists parked at either place taking a break and drinking fluids.

        1. The Lower Bank Tavern, on Route 542 in Lower Bank (eastern Burlington County - just west of New Gretna) is owned/run by a CIA trained gentleman named Bill who bikes to and from work daily. He's quite personable (his bulldog Emily is a fixture at the Tavern) and would probably make for an interesting interview.

          1. Thanks everyone -- and Shabbystorm, I love your explanation about the carbs -- I learned something, too!

            I'm excited to look into these places (and find out more about Bill and his bulldog --love that!) -- please, keep the recommendations coming.


            1. Some of the lighter fare places along the D&R towpath in Lambertville/Stockton/Frenchtown would be worth looking at.

              There are many rural general-store type places that are popular with cyclists. Sorry I don't know the names of them but here are a few locations:

              "downtown" Sergeantsville
              corner of Wertsville Road and Lindbergh Road in East Amwell
              downtown Ringoes
              Main Street Eatery in Kingston

              1. I understand that bicycle clubs and groups publish newsletters and such listing "cycle friendly" spots. As another poster pointed out, places tend to be delis and general stores along rural roads where cyclists love to ride.

                1. Allenwood General Store is right alongside the bike path from Manasquan to Allaire State Park. Good eats (especially the pork roll sandwich); popular with cyclists, etc. There's now a very good chocolatier in the "back room" there as an extra 'bonus'. Recommended.

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                    I was going to note this one as well. A bonus is that it's inexpensive

                  2. The Sergeantsville General Store has restrooms for cyclists. It is owned by a Chinese gentleman, and they have very good home made dumplings (pork, chicken or veggie) as well as other Chinese foods (sesame chicken, fried rice, etc.), soups, subs, and pastries.

                    There is a general store in Stockton that has a variety of sandwiches as well, and the Carousel Deli in Ringoes has pizza, subs, and hot entrees.

                    1. Thanks again, everyone! I really appreciate all the great responses.:)


                      1. The Oldwick Deli is a very popular stop for riders in beautiful Hunterdon County, and for good reason. It has a big shady yard with a bikerack and Adirondack chairs. Inside, lots of tables. Excellent baked goods.

                        1. For those of us who do the "Tour de Tuckahoe" ride on Saturdays (west of Ocean City, near where Rt 49 and 50 meet), we meet at the Tuckahoe Diner afterwards. Best omelets (get the Telly Savales) and burgers (Blues Brothers burger). An original traincar diner with great food. Concerning the Lower Bank post, if I recall correctly, that is a biker bar of another sort (think "What'ya rebelling against?" "What'ya got?")

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                            Great food at the Lower Bank Tavern! Bicycle rides most Sunday mornings all year. Meet around 9am (anywhere from 20 to 35 miles, 15 to 16 mph avg.) Be prepared to hear how the only real Colnago is made from double butted tubing and the only proper saddle is made by Brooks. Stick around long enough and hear how Marco Pantani could have dropped Lance at anytime up Mt. Ventoux in the 2000 Tour.

                          2. May not be a restaurant, but if you're biking in the Lambertville area, and craving a cup of coffee, energy bar, energy gel, fresh baked brownie, cookie, muffin, etc, check out Pure Energy Cycling and Java House right on South Main Street at the corner of Mount Hope Street. Awesome place to browse for the bike fanatic, and they have some awesome bikes in there! http://pureenergycycling.com/ The owner Arounkone is a foodie, and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet! Worth the stop in just to look at the awesome toys! Tell him F. Scott and Zelda sent ya! -mJ

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                              Just got a flash back when you mentioned Lower Banks Tavern. I worked with Bill when he was sous chef at Molly Pitcher 1994-95, before I went to culinary school. He lived in Jackson and rode a bike back and fourth to work 3 or 4 days a week. He was an extreme cyclest, dont know what the bike was called, but the pedals were locked so you had to pedal the entire time, no coasting. I havent talked to him in years, but what a great guy and chef.

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                                Just looked at the link and wow, they have some really good looking bikes.

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                                  I think ridiculous is the better word albinoni! he has some hot bikes, and a lot of them are the equivalent of Ferrari's and Porsche's! He has people coming in from all over the country to get fitted for frames, so I guess being a "custom fitter" is a big selling point. The guy is super detail oriented when it comes to that stuff, and it's amazing talking to people in his shop that came in from California or wherever, just to get fitted so they can order a bike from him. Nuts!

                                  But even better than that is munching on a nice fresh brownie or cookie while you're in there. The lady that he buys his brownies from makes som killer stuff! YUM! Now I am craving a brownie! Thankfully my wife made some the other night! WOo HOo! -mJ

                              2. Scott Snyder, Executive Chef/Partner of Boulevard Five72 in Kenilworth, is a racer, and was recently featured in an article in the Star-Ledger.

                                Boulevard Five72
                                572 Boulevard, Kenilworth, NJ 07033

                                1. There are a number of bike-friendly places in Frenchtown, too. Try the Lovin Oven and the Bridge Street Cafe.

                                  1. And in Stockton, though I've never stopped there, is a place near the road that takes you to the bridge into PA. They have pies, cookies, full breakfasts, too. I have the kind of stomach that prefers gatorade and maybe a luna bar or good old PB&J on a long ride, but clearly, there are plenty of cyclists flocking to this joint in Stockton! In Ringoes, bottom of Lindbergh Rd, where it meets Wertsville Rd is a little convenience store. I see cyclists stopped there all the time. Back in my youth, before I cycled, they made insanely good layer bars. Maybe they still do and that's why people stop there! Must make a note to check that out!

                                    1. I know of a chef. She is a campus corporate chef. She rides every year in a benefit on Labor day weekend.