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May 27, 2009 02:17 PM

PDX graduation wknd - need multiple restaurants

Graduation is coming up and my family is coming to town.

Friday night - more cautious eaters, some place not too loud, group of 5-6

Saturday afternoon - I want to go somewhere for lunch that is casual, so that people can straggle in (probably a bar). There will be 10 family members (all over 21) and then around 10 friends who will come at one point or another. Someplace with easy parking would be preferred but not necessary - also graduation is at the Rose Garden, so maybe somewhere close?

Saturday night - this will be more of a dining experience, parents are chefs so great food is a must, somewhere fun! Group of 6.

Sunday - I'm thinking Kenny & Zukes for brunch...

Some places I'm considering:
Nuestra Cocina
Pok Pok
Park Kitchen
Paley's Place
Toro Bravo
Casa del Matador (for Sat. lunch?)
East Burn (for Sat. lunch?)

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  1. Tanuki is tiny. I recommend highly!
    TB worth it but not so easy with larger groups.
    K & Z a great idea. Go either early or late. This applies to pretty much any popular weekend brunch place.
    What constitutes "close" to Rose Garden? The immediate area is pretty bad, with Red Robin being the typical place.
    Pok Pok is a great idea.
    I see Park Kitchen as form over substance. Things look good but that's about it.
    I also suggest Biwa & Alberta St Oyster Bar.

    1. Toro Bravo gets my vote for Saturday night. Yes there will be a wait but it's some of the tastiest food in town...with a celebratory vibe...and 6 isn't that many people. Andina's special too, if you want something quieter. And their happy hour is unbeatable.

      For the non-adventurous Friday nighters there's always Italian...say Three Doors Down? Or Castagna? (The cafe can get noisy but the restaurant is delish and sedate.) Tabla is a bit cheaper and nice, too.

      If the weather's nice on Saturday, you may want to consider the patio at Merriwether's for your lunch. The food leaves something to be desired (last I had it, anyway) but it's such a great space to hang out as people come and go....

      Congrats and have fun!

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      1. re: denisedsPDX

        Yeah, I was gonna suggest Tabla - great food, great prices, nice wine/drink/beer options. Not too fancy, not too downscale either, and has good choices across meat/fish/veg options.

        There's also the new Laurelhurst Market (E. Burnside and 31st). It just opened last week but the menu looks awesome. I'm going on Friday, I think, I'll report back.

      2. Add DAVIS STREET TAVERN to your list of possibles- might be good for the Friday night meal.

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        1. re: MyNextMeal

          OMG, how could I forget about that, absolutely DST. What a great place with delicious food and drink!

        2. So we've decided on Lauro Kitchen on Division for dinner on Friday.

          For Saturday night though, still choosing between:

          Paley's Place
          Ten 01
          Toro Bravo
          Park Kitchen

          Opinions on these places? I'm leaning towards Paley's Place...

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          1. re: krazee

            I love Paley's. It is quiet and intimate.

            On the other hand TB is just outstanding, but it can be noisy and the wait long. The food and drinks will have you in awe.

            Ten 01 has gone downhill since the chef change.

            1. re: krazee

              Five of us had dinner last week in the garden at Carlyle. It was charming, and you get the whole thing to yourselves. We ordered off the menu (which was wonderful, as usual) but it is worth noting (as you have chefs in tow) that they do a 5 course tasting menu for $65.00.

            2. toro bravo, hands down.