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May 27, 2009 02:05 PM

Greenville, NC: Where to buy seafood?

Hey, all. Since Butcher's Seafood on Firetower closed, I haven't found a good source for seafood in Greenville -- which seems insane, considering how close we are to the coast. West End Seafood seems OK, but not outstanding. Does anyone know any better sources (without driving to Washington)?

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  1. It seems as though a seafood market has opened up on Greene St. You know the old tobacco warehouse that they're refabbing into a flea market up by El Azador and the old Harris Supermarket? It's in a corner of that. I rode by today and it looks like it's open. I also saw some signs for a fish market in Bethel out on 11. I've also heard good things about Fresh Market.

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      Hey, thanks, Naco -- somehow I figured you'd have the scoop. I pretty much never go over to the north side of the river, but now I've got a reason. Excellent!

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        Let me know what you think if you get over there. I'm planning to go this weekend, but life is kind of a roller coaster right now.

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          I haven't yet tried the new place on Greene St., but I did discover the Thursday Farmers' Market (Fresh Food Market at Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church) -- a guy brings seafood directly up from Morehead City. I got some mahi mahi (still dolphin to me) and it was excellent.

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            I tried Greene St. a few days ago. It's still a work in progress, and I didn't see any seafood, although they did have coolers set up. They're setting up an indoor flea market in there. I'm going to give them a couple of weeks and check back.

    2. Hello everyone!

      I just moved to Greenville, NC....

      Where can I buy fresh, good-quality blue crabs? Just looking for a couple dozen that i will be
      steaming at home....

      As long as I'm asking.... what about fresh live lobsters?

      I can't seem to find a seafood market around here.... but then again, I've only been here a month...


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        Welcome to Greenville, OaktonWhitney.

        It's a little bit inconvenient, but you can still get really good seafood on Thursdays: Mark from Captain Jim's Seafood in Morehead City ( ) drives up, even though the Thursday farmer's market has ended for the season. You need to call or email him ahead of time with your order, then meet him at Cornerstone Baptist Church between 5 and 6pm on Thursdays. Very nice guy, very fresh seafood. Not sure about crabs or lobsters, but you should ask.

        I also hear that the Spring Run Market ( ) will soon have another seafood vendor coming up from Morehead.

        1. re: kagi

          Lobsters are not indigenous to NC

          1. re: Jeanne

            No, they're not. But that doesn't mean that Captain Jim's wouldn't sell them. They definitely sell crabs; I'm just not sure whether they take them up to Greenville.

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              Actually, I believe that North Carolina is right at the southern end of the range of the Atlantic lobster, but AFAIK there's no commercial catch.

      2. Black-owned seafood markets used to be everywhere around here, but they started going out of business in the 90s in a lot of places. No idea why.

        The only seafood market I know of in Greenville is West End Seafood on Dickinson Ave. I haven't been in ages, though. There are several vendors at the farmer's market most weekends, also. That's probably your best bet. There's also a fish market in Bethel, but I haven't checked it out.

        1. Thought I'd revive this old thread - I recently discovered a new seafood market in Greenville - Lupton Seafood on Arlington (kindof across from the Bicycle Post before you get to the mall).
          My favorite buy so far was local black grouper, bought it the day after it had been caught. I think they try to source a lot of local seafood, but also have stuff like Sockeye salmon, etc...

          I know you can also sometimes get local seafood at the farmer's market and the Uptown Umbrella market on Wed. nights.

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            I saw that recently. What else do they have?

            1. re: Naco

              They have a facebook page and update on what's fresh:
              Looks like right now they have mackerel, tuna. flounder, shrimp .. I've seen crabmeat and lobsters when I've been in there as well.