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May 27, 2009 01:42 PM


Has anyone eaten at this new restaurant? I can't find the menu online so if you know the price range as well. Thanks

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  1. My husband and I ate here Saturday night. We made reservations earlier in the week. According to them they were "fully committed" for any time other than 7:15. When we arrived they tried to seat us in the rather dark and uninspiring bar area. We asked to change tables and were accomodated to a better table in the dining room. The room is pretty- kind of Tuscan maybe a little too much wannabe Tuscan. You can tell they are new because the servers stand around waiting for you to take a sip of your water so they can refill the glass immediately. They were very nice but it was distracting to have them buzzing around constantly. And please, let me get more than one bite of food before you ask me how I like everything. Okay, the important part-the food- We ordered the Fava pecorino toscano, walnuts ($12), Roasted Beets cucumber, goat yogurt, mint ($14), and the fried mixed seafood $ 18 (scallops, sardines and oysters) .. The salads were delicious and fresh but very tiny and overpriced. The fried sardines were excellent - salty and tasting like the ocean and the scallops and oysters were well done. My husband had Spaghetti guanciale, morels, spring peas, grated pecorino ($29)and I had Poached Skatewing fingerling potatoes, green beans, pancetta. ($28) Again both dishes were beautiful to look at and very well prepared. How a dish of macaroni can be more than my fish dish is beyond me. We live in the neighborhood and would like this to be a regular spot, but with dessert and a couple of chintzy drinks the bill came to over 200 bucks. We'll go back but unfortunatley not as regulars. PS The peach cake my husband had made me so jealous!! It was heaven. The bombolino drowned in chocolate were not good at all. They were dry and stale tasting.

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      I live in the neighborhood and am a bit baffled by the prices as well (pastas in the high 20s?). The food at Civetta sounds great, but Emporio on Mott Street or Bread are more suited to my budget.

      Was the crowd interesting? Did it seem busy?

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        And Bianca is better and less expensive than both of those, in my opinion.

        Peasant strikes a nice balance: surely more refined food than Bianca, and it charges more, but it is unique and the prices aren't in Civetta's range. I live nearby, too, and I can't imagine going unless this place is the second coming of Babbo or something.

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          The crowd was mixed but mostly young and nicely dressed. A guy came over to the young couple next to us and was telling them all about the club downstairs and all of the other clubs he was involved with.. He didn't bother stopping at our table- we must be too old for clubs! It was empty at 7:15 but was full by the time we left around 9. We have been curious about Emporio but the reviews haven't been too favorable. It is always crowded when we walk by. Guess we'll have to go and see for ourselves/

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            I know, I'm not sure why Emporio isn't getting rave reviews. It's owned by the folks who own Aurora (a well-liked place in Soho and Williamsburg), and I 've found the food rustic and very satisfying, and I like that they source local and organic ingredients. I haven't tried their pizzas yet (which recently got a shout out in NY Mag), but the pastas and lamb chops have been great. Service is a sore spot, though it's not terrible. Just needs a bit more polishing for my taste. In all, it's sort of a nice middle ground between Bread and Peasant if you live in the 'hood.

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              I ate at Emporio the night after it opened and don't remember much other than I was not impressed. perhaps it's worth another try. However, I find myself regularly satisfied at Bianca when I want neighborhood Italian and the prices can't be beat - $12 for their Lasagna is a steal and $15 for a decent steak.

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                I really liked the food at Bianca too, but found it so unbearably loud, that I never returned. How about Aroma on 4th?

      2. I ate at Civetta on Tuesday with some friends that live in the neighborhood. We had a blast. We were seated in front of the glass doors and could see passers-by, which to me is always more fun. I had the fava beans with pecorino and thought it was a very tasty dish. My friends had the arancini and loved it. For the main course, we had a couple of different pasta dishes that were very good and perfectly cooked. The dessert was one of the best I have ever had at a restaurant. It was a coffee-flavored semiffredo with hazelnuts and whipped cream. Overall, I had a great experience. It's like an upscale restaurtant but with a relaxed atmosphere.