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What to serve with blintzes?

So, it's Shavuot this weekend and DD#1 will be in town. She is modern orthodox and kosher. The cheese blintzes are in the freezer, the fruit salad preparations are in the fridge. We will be entertaining several of her kosher friends for a Shabbat lunch, what else to serve? FYI - menu needs to be all dairy or vegetarian, no meat products in order to keep it kosher. Thanks!

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  1. according to the laws of kashrut, fish and eggs can be served with a dairy meal...so you could do a smoked fish/appetizing platter, poached salmon, or an egg dish such as a frittata or strata.

    1. Diane,
      Some very observant people will not eat fish with dairy on the same plate, so you might check that out with your daughter ahead of time if you are going to have fish as well.

      Personally, I think your menu is fine as it is. I find blintzes with sour cream or yogurt pretty rich and filling. If you are using store-bought blintzes, you might make a blintze souffle ahead of time, and then not need to fry blintzes on Shabbat. The fruit salad is what we will have as well. I plan to make a green salad (hopefully with lettuces/mesclun mix/ spinach from my garden. We will also have a big bowl of fresh sugar snap peas. A plate of sliced red peppers, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes, along with or in lieu of a salad is colorful and delicious.
      Guests will want to save room for dessert: cheesecake, cookies, and ice cream.
      Have a lovely Shabbat afternoon, p.j.

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        thanks for the clarification re: fish & dairy. by the time we got to my generation my family didn't keep kosher anymore, so i was recalling from memory based on what i was taught in Hebrew school & a college Jewish Studies course...both of which were a veeeery long time ago ;)

      2. Honestly, I'd be more worried about heating the blintzes than anything else!

        Like others, I'd add a green salad of some sort, and either a poached salmon or smoked fish, with some accompaniments. I think that some sort of jam or cooked fruit sauce is great with cheese blintzes, too.

        1. Fruit salad is good. But for some reason, I have no idea why, I prefer either a half grapefruit or a full sized wedge of melon with my blintzes.

          Something crunchy is definitely a good idea. The crisp veggies are one option. Another might be a sturdy cracker, or maybe an oatmeal cookie / cracker. Served as a chaser with the coffee & tea?

          1. latkes, bagels, novey, cream cheese, pickled herring, sable, whitefish, egg salad, tuna sald, ripe tomatoes,

            what time should jfood show up?

            1. Thanks for the suggestions! DD1 is pretty flexible, she will eat fish with dairy. As to frying the HOMEMADE blintzes, Mom is the Shabbos goy, she will eat them if I prepare them. She better appreciate that I schlepped 45 min to Whole Paycheck for real Farmer's Cheese (I am sure she will). We settled on cold poached salmon with a mayo/yogurt dill sauce and a roasted veggie salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Dessert is the dios/makos (nut and poppyseed - one each) Hungarian coffee cake I discussed in another thread.

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                Sounds delicious! Our family uses electricity on Shabbat (i.e. the microwave), but, for the last few years, not our gas stove ( clearly a flame). My husband, who grew up in an observant home, asked me yesterday if he should go out and purchase an electric frying pan for blintzes on Shabbat. I had been thinking of frying on Friday, and reheating in the microwave on Saturday. Not ideal, but hey, another appliance to store in the basement? And then we really would be "cooking " albeit not lighting an open flame. We shall see what transpires.
                Would you please post a link to your coffee cake recipes?
                Thanks and have a wonderful Shavuot, p.j.

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                  Hungarian Coffee Cake Recipe

                  Dough -
                  6 cups AP flour
                  2 pky dry yeast
                  4 sticks butter (usalted)
                  1 cup whole milk
                  3 eggs

                  In very large bowl, put 6 cups flour. Grate butter with 4 sided grated into flour, then either using 2 knives or tool, mix butter into flour as for pie or pastry. Heat milk to 110F, add yeast, let proof for 10 minutes. If mixture doesn't foam, throw out and start over (this means your yeast is DEAD). Add 3 well beaten eggs to yeast mixture. Make well in large bowl of flour/butter mixture, add eggs. Blend thoroughly until dough comes clean from bowl. You can do this in mixer using dough hook as well. Cover bowl with plastic wrap, refrigerate overnight or at least 8 hours. When ready to use, remove from fridge, divide into 3 parts. Roll out dough into rectangle 1/4 in thick, spread with filling. Roll up dough like pinwheel and place on buttered half sheet pan. Prick with fork all over and brush with beaten egg yolk mixed with drop of water. Bake 1 hour at 350F until golden brown. Let cool thoroughly before slicing in 1 in slices. Freezes very well, cover whole roll with h/d alum foil.

                  Filling #1 Nut
                  12 oz walnuts
                  1.5 cups sugar
                  1.5 cups raisins
                  1 lemon, juice and grated rind

                  Put all filling ingredients in sauce pan, mix well. Heat on low until sugar melts. Cool before using.

                  Filling #2 - Poppyseed
                  Can of Solo Poppyseed filling
                  couple drops brandy, cognac or liquer of your choice

                  Mix together and spread over dough.

                  Filling #3 - Chocolate
                  Package of Baker's unsweetened chocolate
                  1 cup sugar or to taste
                  couple drops espresso or very strong coffee
                  6 oz semi sweet choc chips

                  Over low heat or in M/W, melt Baker's chos, sugar & coffee. Spread over dough. Sprinkle choc chips on top.

                2. re: Diane in Bexley

                  you definitely went more high brow than jfood's suggestions and it sounds like a wonderful menu.

                  BTW - mrs jfood uses half farmer's half cream cheese in her blintzes.

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                    J, you will appreciate this, I believe you have kids about the same age (21). Dinner went great, there are salmon & roasted veggie leftovers. DD1 is making shabbat dinner tonight - an orzo salad with salmon, veggies and basil. She prepared the orzo prior to Shavuot starting! She is making a side dish of tomatoes stuffed with pesto and mozzarella cheese and a cold sour cherry soup for starter. I have to "schep a little naches" here - I could get used to having her around a while longer. She is leaving for Lesotho to do her fellowship in 10 days and then I won't see her till Rosh Hashonna. She want to come in a few days early to learn the family recipes for the holiday, I think I have a Chowhound in training!

                    1. re: Diane in Bexley

                      And a proud mommy as well.

                      Shabbat Shalom

                3. Nigella's watermelon salad with black olives, feta, red onions would be great. You can even do without the feta if there is too much cheese.

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                    I didn't know that was Nigella' s salad... been making it for years.

                    Is there ever such a thing as too much cheese?