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May 27, 2009 01:42 PM

What to serve with blintzes?

So, it's Shavuot this weekend and DD#1 will be in town. She is modern orthodox and kosher. The cheese blintzes are in the freezer, the fruit salad preparations are in the fridge. We will be entertaining several of her kosher friends for a Shabbat lunch, what else to serve? FYI - menu needs to be all dairy or vegetarian, no meat products in order to keep it kosher. Thanks!

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  1. according to the laws of kashrut, fish and eggs can be served with a dairy you could do a smoked fish/appetizing platter, poached salmon, or an egg dish such as a frittata or strata.

    1. Diane,
      Some very observant people will not eat fish with dairy on the same plate, so you might check that out with your daughter ahead of time if you are going to have fish as well.

      Personally, I think your menu is fine as it is. I find blintzes with sour cream or yogurt pretty rich and filling. If you are using store-bought blintzes, you might make a blintze souffle ahead of time, and then not need to fry blintzes on Shabbat. The fruit salad is what we will have as well. I plan to make a green salad (hopefully with lettuces/mesclun mix/ spinach from my garden. We will also have a big bowl of fresh sugar snap peas. A plate of sliced red peppers, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes, along with or in lieu of a salad is colorful and delicious.
      Guests will want to save room for dessert: cheesecake, cookies, and ice cream.
      Have a lovely Shabbat afternoon, p.j.

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        thanks for the clarification re: fish & dairy. by the time we got to my generation my family didn't keep kosher anymore, so i was recalling from memory based on what i was taught in Hebrew school & a college Jewish Studies course...both of which were a veeeery long time ago ;)

      2. Honestly, I'd be more worried about heating the blintzes than anything else!

        Like others, I'd add a green salad of some sort, and either a poached salmon or smoked fish, with some accompaniments. I think that some sort of jam or cooked fruit sauce is great with cheese blintzes, too.

        1. Fruit salad is good. But for some reason, I have no idea why, I prefer either a half grapefruit or a full sized wedge of melon with my blintzes.

          Something crunchy is definitely a good idea. The crisp veggies are one option. Another might be a sturdy cracker, or maybe an oatmeal cookie / cracker. Served as a chaser with the coffee & tea?

          1. latkes, bagels, novey, cream cheese, pickled herring, sable, whitefish, egg salad, tuna sald, ripe tomatoes,

            what time should jfood show up?