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May 27, 2009 01:35 PM

What's new and good in Orlando?

I used to be in the know on all the new restaurants, but now I have two infants and I don't get out as much. I've got a friend coming to town at the end of June and need some ideas. What's new and good? I lost track shortly after Ravenous Pig came on board. Thanks!

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  1. Okay, so I guess it will be the usuals.

    1. Unfortunately, you hear more about restaurants closing then opening lately.

      I would recommend checking out Scott Joseph's site for the restaurant news here in Orlando.


      1. Check out Stone's Throw Bistro in Sanford --

        1. Not sure quite how out of touch you are, and I suspect you're not as out of the loop as you think. There has been little new activity, but we've got to find you something! Have you tried the Chef's Table at the Edgewater Hotel yet? That's worth a visit when you have a sitter. Sea Thai is terrific; just tried it on Saturday and was impressed, which I rarely am with Thai food. The Black Olive downtown is chi-chi but getting mixed reviews here on the board; I'm waiting until I hear more consistent good things. Graffiti Junktion in Thornton Park for great wings and things? Highland Manor in Apopka for New Southern? (I haven't heard a report from anyone yet.)
          Feel free to ask questions.

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          1. re: Rona Gindin

            We actually went to Chef's Table as our last big date night when I was pregnant, and it was excellent. I have been wanting to try Graffiti Junktion but hadn't heard much about it. Maybe that will be our next stop. I also haven't tried Ocean Prime, I just have to be in the mood for it.

            1. re: starbucksbrew

              I ate at Ocean Prime twice, and it was superb both times. There were snags--undercooked potatoes the first time, a sweet but robotic server the second--but overall both experiences were exceptionally good. Graffiti Junktion is an entirely different kind of experience--loud, great grub food.