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May 27, 2009 01:28 PM

Kampa Park Prague: Wonderful or Not?

My husband, father-in-law,brother, and I will be visiting Prague for the first time this fall. My brother wants to eat at Kampa Park, but I have read different things about it. I don't mind how much a restaurant charges if it is terrific, but truly hate places that overcharge based on view, or timeworn reputation. We only have 3 nights in the city -- so, has anyone been there recently? And, any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I was in Prague in March and was considering Kampa Park. I strolled by and took a look at the menu, but nothing jumped out at me. It seemed no different than a upscale new American type of menu, save some foie gras, truffles and paprika. The view over the river and Charles Bridge is truly amazing; there is even outside dining to fully appreciate this. A few locals had recommended it to me for a really nice, $pendy night out, but I passed. It does seem like a place where the menu changes pretty regularly, and I may have caught it on an off week.

    Other suggestions: I enjoyed my lunch at Vikarka at Prague Castle (, dinner at The Little Whale ( and a casual dinner at Pivovarsky Dun brew pub (


    Don't miss out on the hot, mulled wine available for take away from most bars if it is cool. And also, I didn't get a chance to try a street sausage where the vendors go the extra mile to hollow out the bun so the dog sits comfortably, but I heard they are great (there was a cart coming up from the river outside a metro station on my way to Prague Castle and I was sad that I had such a big breakfast!).

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      We were there in September of '07 so it's been awhile. But the view, eating outside, the
      whole experience was worth it in my opinion. Honestly don't remember what we ate but
      I would definitely remember if the food had not been good - and the service was great.

    2. As a local, I have eaten at Kampa Park several times. The plus side is the wonderful view. The minus side is that now there are so many other great restaurants in Prague that if you dont mind missing the view, you have no reason to go there. I agree with npwest, it has become a good upscale international restaurant.
      My preferred restaurant at this time is V Zatisi ( with very tasty dishes and a reasonable selection of lightened traditional Czech dishes. Then there is the "new" rising star Degustation Boheme Bourgoise ( - the one restaurant in Prague with little tendencies towards molecular gastronomy. The DBB has only 3 set menus so if spending 3-4 hours by eating about 16 spoonful sized dishes seems appealing, go there. The food is really tasty.

      The restaurants mentioned by npwest are much less upmarket - they are frequented more or less by students and young people shortly after university.

      For fast and simple food, I would advise the chain restaurants Potrefena husa. The concept is sort of grill food but they have also other heavier staples. They also have set lunch menus.

      DO NOT eat the sausages at Wenceslas sqaure from the stable kiosks - they will give you stomach ache... although they often smell delicious. You can eat hotdogs from the small portable carts, they are safe.

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        Sasicka is doing La Degustation Boheme Bourgeouis a great injustice by saying that dinner consists of "16 spoonful sized dishes". There are 6 or 7 amuse bouches, and six or seven courses. The amuse bouches are spoonfulls, the other courses range from a relatively small portion of broth to small proper courses, like a beef tongue dish, a chicken dish and so on. Whenever I go, I am so full I can't move by the end of the meal. And one of the amuse bouche offerings often is cucumber salad jelly that tastes exactly like my grandmother's cucumber salad I grew up with in Prague..

        V Zatisi is excellent, and I would recommend it above most restaurants in Prague. Its sister restaurant Bellevue is also very good, but really overpriced. (V Zatisi is not cheap, but if I remember correctly, Bellevue is quite a bit more expensive.)

        Kampa Park is very variable. I have had some very good food there, but at the same time, many of the dishes were unremarkable and did not justify the price tag. It is still a good place to go - the atmosphere, view and service are all impeccable, and the food is not exactly bad - but if you are purely looking for great, upmarket food at prices that are not too ridiculous, V Zatisi and La Degustation are definitely better choices in my view.