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May 27, 2009 01:15 PM

Favorite Drinks at Dutch Kills?

I assume a number of you have been to Dutch Kills in LIC since it opened a few weeks back. I have been thoroughly impressed with many of the cocktails. I greatly enjoy the Queens Park Swizzle, Steinway Punch, Penicillin, Domenicana, Aviation, Old maid, Bourbon flip,Golden delicious..

Any other thoughts or recommendations?

I know some of these drinks garnered fame as part of the menu in Mr. Petraske's other establishments. Am I missing out on some prevalent cocktails from the other places?

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  1. I haven't been to Dutch Kills yet but my general impression is that always execute the classics very well. Maybe pick up a book that lists some of those (variations on martinis/daiquiris/margaritas, plus Pink Lady, Dark and Stormy, various flips, etc.) and work your way through it? I like the most recent Dale DeGroff book a lot.

    At his other joints I've greatly enjoyed the Penicillin and Dominicana as well the Champ Elysees, Bramble, anything with their housemade ginger beer, as well this wonderful cocktail that a bartender named Matt said he invited. He called it a bourbon king shake and it had Van Winkle bourbon, lime, and orange bitters, and maybe simple syrup. It was delicious but he said maybe only 2 other people would probably know how to make it.

    This thread will probably also help!

    1. Went last night. Just had a haf hour to kill while waiting for a to go order from Manducati Rustica so we ran over there. Tried the Astoria Cocktail, a gin and lemon concoction that was fairly austere in good way--not a lot of sugar in it, meaning no headache later.

      It's a neat room, and the remote location to me says that your assumption that a number of Hounds have been over there, well, I kinda doubt it. It's not like this joint is right next to the Vernon/Jackson 7 stop. At $9 a cocktail, it's a bargain when comparing to bars that are in its league. Reportedly Sage Kitchen is going to be doing the bar food there, but I didn't see any indication of it yet.

      Maybe it will be a zoo at some point, but it wasn't when we were there last night. It's out of the way but this is definitely the kind of bar where I could see getting comfortable for a few hours at a time...

      1. Had a drink there last week on the way back from a coatzingo feast. My bartender friend had heard about it so we stopped by. I had a grapefruit Collins which was good, tho something I would rarely order. They do the old school thing very well. Hand broken ice for your martini. Metal drink stirs also serve as straws. My tall glass had a long bar of ice. Lotsa cool ice stuff I guess. Anyway it's neat inside, tho fairly small and narrow. I imagined it'd be huge and maybe have an outdoors. The hard to find location is cool, but I can't imagine going that far out of the way for a drink. Granted I live in the city and only work in Sunnyside. A hard to find bar doesn't need to be so hard to get to. The whole speakeasy thing isn't new any more, but I think it's a trend that'll stick around and I'm happy with that. However going this far to be "secret" is pushing the good business model envelope.

        BTW my friend said they might be the same owners as another place in brooklyn. Blank on the name but he said he recognized the bartender there.

        And FWIW the guys behind the bar were very friendly and welcoming. The place was pretty empty (it was a weds night) but alot of bars of this ilk tend to have a too cool for school staff.

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        1. re: 2slices

          > I imagined it'd be huge and maybe have an outdoors.

          I can't think of any old school serious cocktail places that are huge and have an outdoor space. Just doesn't go together.

          Dutch Kills = same folks that run Little Branch, Milk & Honey, White Star. Giuseppe Gonzalez is one of the head bartenders at Dutch Kills and has put in time behind the bar at Flatiron Lounge and Clover Club, your friend may have recognized him from Clover Club?

          1. re: kathryn

            Yup Giuseppe is there, as is one of the old bartenders from PDT (who was mysteriously waitressing the one night I was there - she's an awesome bartender!)

            The crowd on a Saturday night seemed like the overflow of Water Taxi Beach, average age was about 20 and average mentality was about 14. Luckily, at about 11:30 it emptied out and we could have a conversation.

            Regardless, Giuseppe is a master of the Sazerac - here it's served with a chaser of absinthe and water, which I enjoyed. If he's working, this is the drink I'd get - his is the best I've had *anywhere*. (Haven't had one in NO, though, so they may be better down there.)

            1. re: kathryn

              yeah it was clover club. Anyhow a serious cocktail place that far out in the boonies might want to have an outdoors so they can draw business, you can get a swanky drink at a speakeasy style place at all of the places you mentioned above, none of which are that far off the beaten path.

          2. Ask Giuseppe to make you an Open Hand.

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