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May 27, 2009 01:01 PM

Two Unrelated STL Food Questions

What is the best place to sample fried ravioli? I'm a Boston-based Sox fan who kept hearing about these treats during the 2004 World Series and feel the need to try them when I visit St. Louis.

Is there a local brand of craft root beer?

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  1. It's called toasted ravioli, even though it's fried, and locals argue about the best place. But you gotta understand, it's essentially bar food, not haute cuisine. Most mid-level Italian restaurants and some bar-and-grills have it. Much of it comes out of one or two suppliers to the industry, and the variant is the house's red sauce, in which it can be dipped. The root beer joint is Fitz's, on Delmar Boulevard in what's called the Loop, a neighborhood that begins at the western edge fo the city of St. Louis and moves into a 'burb called University City.

    No, no specific recommendation about t-rav's, but someone else may have a strong opinion. If you could bring some clams from Woodman's, however, I would take you to half-a-dozen spots for you to research it, though.....

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      lemons - Thanks for straightening me out on the fried/toasted lingo. Believe me, I know how locals argue about the best place. I just completed the Essex clam trifecta (Woodman's, Clam Box and Farnham's) a few weeks ago and would give the nod to Farnham's over Woodman's:)

    2. No need to travel to St. Louis for toasted ravioli. The Chateau in Waltham MA serves t-ravs with red sauce or white sauce, and as an appetizer or an entree.

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        How right you are. I was taken to this place as a going away party when I moved from Boston to Stl. Someone ordered T. Rav. and I remember thinking how strange...........then I moved here and found more strange stl specialties and a pretty lame food scene. Fortunately it's gotten better in the last 20 years.

      2. Lombardo's just west of Union Station hand makes their own t-ravs, and I've found them to be much better than most other places. Also Carl's Drive-In (on Manchester Road in Rock Hill, I think) makes root beer every day from the original IBC root beer recipe. I've heard good things about it, but I've never been. My DH loves Fitz's root beer, go for that and to watch the bottling operation, but the food is ordinary (imo).

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        1. re: t75atc

          Very true in terms of Fitz's food. Carl's has a fabulous flat-grill hamburger, which arrives hot and succulent. Very small spot, but many of us are willing to wait for the thrill.

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            Fitz's, BTW, makes a great cream soda.